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from The Secret Time Warp by Marian Wood

Chapter 1

The dark clouds covered the blue of the sky and the fields layout in front of me. As I walked the atmosphere around me became eerier. I was alone and started to feel that someone was watching me. I could'nt see anyone; the trees were swaying, and I pulled my coat around me. I kept walking thinking about the kids back home. I watched the sheep playing in the fields nearby and I could hear birds chirruping to each other. The rain then started to fall, first steadily then with more force. I put up my hood and continued one foot in front of the other. I had had a long stressful day and I needed some time out by myself. Unfortunately, this was not to be as at that moment the atmosphere changed and suddenly instead of walking through a field, I was stood in a street. This could'nt be, I looked in front of me, there was street. I stepped back, and I was back in the field.

I had never experienced this, it was the sort of thing that you see in a science fiction film. I was amazed that this was really happening to me. I stepped forward again and I was back in the street. I made a mental note of where I was stood. The shop in front of me was Woolworths, Woolworths was closed years ago. This was getting stranger and as I stood there my brain started to ache. I then felt a tug on my sleeve, it was a small child. Looking down I recognised her, she had my daughter’s messy blonde hair, I was confused now. The little girl was me, how could...

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