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Not much to tell! I live in Ontario, Canada with my dad and beloved dog. I love writing and can’t imagine my life without it. I have stories running rampant in my mind and a strong desire to share them!

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Nicolle A. Jenos     (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Harbinger: Sphinx: Book One of The Shadowminders Series
by Nicolle A. Jenos

Set on an alternate Earth where Atlantis never vanished and technology has advanced faster than in any other reality. But there is one major difference. Myths and legends are *real*. Those who wish the human race to survive have formed a collective known as The Shadowminders. This small group of Legendary beings have teamed up with human counterparts to work in secret to keep humanity safe from those Legendaries who would wish us harm. Now there is a new threat. One so big they cannot yet comprehend it. And it is sending Harbingers of its coming. "Sounds interesting!"


Laying on the ground, blood trickling from her many wounds and slowly pooling around her body, Rosabel wondered where their group had gone wrong. So very and horribly wrong.

The acrid smell of iron filled her nostrils right up to the point where she could taste it and no amount of swallowing rid her of it. Wherever her eyes roamed, she saw bodies lying prone, lifeless, in the streets as rivulets of blood converged together to paint the pavement in the very essence of life. Men, ...

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