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Mostly lives in the Cambridgeshire Fens, surrounded by fields. At other times, she lives across a garden fence from London's historic Epping Forest. Her short stories have been published in print and online magazines and anthologies.

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Cathy Cade     (Tier IV Rising Star Author )

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Speculative Fiction
All Over Again
by Cathy Cade

Set in a future world evolving (again) after apocalypse. Friends who grew up together are expected to settle together in the village, until one meets someone else. A tale of spreading sophistication and the creeping corruption that shadows it. "Sounds interesting!"

Prologue: Before

The old world had been here before. It had survived annihilations and apocalypses, each time moving on to rest and regenerate. Its inhabitants had been less fortunate.

Each civilisation’s prophets and scientists had foretold a variety of endings for their world, depending on the information available at the time (and sometimes on their funding). Predictions included alien invasion, meteor collision, solar cooling, global warming, exhaustion, pollution, fire, flood, famine, war, pestilence‚Ķ<...

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