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In Search of a Soulful Life
by Al Duncan

A tale of courage. Leaving a long conditioned uncomfortable comfort zone with an intention of connecting with like-hearted people. From the Himalayas to rural South East Asia, prepare for an enlightening adventure that's bound to resonate with your soul as you navigate your own inner transformation. Yes, your intuition is on fire! It is based on a true story. Woo-hoo! "Sounds interesting!"

Intentions set. Shift unfolds

“If the darkness is followed by the light was simply a belief of the ages.

Then what if the light was ever present.

But our perception remains one of illusionary shadows.

Who decided the shadows were real?

Was it you?

Or was it programmed?

Even then, what if we could perceive it all as a gift,

Then what would it become?


He flicked on the bedside lamp. Scrambling for pen and paper.

Wow what a bizarre dream.

He scrib...

Chapter 2
A conversation begins

Chapter 2

Every journey must begin.

To meet yourself

You must be prepared to meet all that is not you.

To step out into the world

You must also go within.

And there she was.

Always with a fantastic smile lighting up the world. Tommo laughed, smiling back.

“What?” she grinned even more broadly with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“You know&rd...

Chapter 3

Chapter three.

A conversation begins!

It was time. It always is, except when it isn’t.

And what precludes that? Starts with P.


 Self-doubt and fear had been his master for some time.  Too long.  A bloody life time he thought. Much had happened in the last few years. Life seemed to have fallen apart. Yet, there was an internal knowing that it had been meant to happen. There wer...

Chapter 4

Chapter 4.

Into the wild.

For a zone of comfort

is not where the soul wishes to dwell.

 Uni, as Tommo fondly thought of the voice as now was determined to makes its point clear.

 Just so you have a bit of an idea of what happens when you decide to step out of a comfort zone with purposely set intentions, check this memo out just in from Universal headquarters.

When you do summo...

Chapter 5

Chapter 5.

Tea with the Tillerman.

Tiana, her friend Ying and Tommo had their annual once a month drink a pint or three at the Lost Gypsy Paradise Bar that evening.  A cool retro hippie hang out. Tommo thought he was somewhat alternatively spiritual, but Ying lived authenticity from an entirely different place. He was still on his journey, as he was sure she was in a different way. Of course, not that it’s about comparing Tommo contemplated. Just f...

Chapter 6
A wildly unknown, unknown.

Chatper 6

A wildly unknown, unknown.


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