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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Chapter 4

Chapter 4.

Into the wild.

For a zone of comfort

is not where the soul wishes to dwell.

 Uni, as Tommo fondly thought of the voice as now was determined to makes its point clear.

 Just so you have a bit of an idea of what happens when you decide to step out of a comfort zone with purposely set intentions, check this memo out just in from Universal headquarters.

When you do summon the motivating courage to say ‘adios amigos’ to the dreaded comfort zone,

 exciting vibrant energy swirls out to the ever-loving Universe.

Back at “Universal Headquarters”, the Universe pops up, from checking Unibook, excitedly seeing action taken, as you abound on new ventures…


Reveling in the fresh energy, Universal energy picks up the ‘Angel Phone’ calling forth the ‘Comfort zone Be Gone Angels’, to duplicate, triplicate and quad triplicate

 all your new vitalized energy expressed. Yup, that where the Batphone idea came from! Divine inspiration.

Yes, in short, an infinite abundance of loving support is on your side.

You are on your way! Into exciting new unknown experiences with reflections of others criss-crossing each other’s path.


Hindsight will later speak to you which is going to make you smile like a contented crocodile.

It’ll roll something like this…

“See how your fear of staying stuck, was more terrifying and depressing than of taking action,

 leading you into incredible new adventures, meeting kindred spirits, and even falling in love.

Falling in love… hindsight quipped but not as you may think.

It will be one of the ultimate plot twists of your life. What you are really supposed to be up to all along on this crazy little blue spinning planet in the Cosmos. Yes, that’s right!  Falling in love with life itself. The most precious beautiful gift than is often taken so for granted.  And as you fall in life with love you will awaken to realize you have also fallen in love with that person who sees you in the mirror everyday…

Now you see how partaking in the art of action, of living life on your terms ,of going for your dreams, is far more appealing than watching re-runs of the Simpsons of Netflix binges.”

Oh by the way, the voice lightly added. Nothing wrong with the odd binge of your favourite show. Up here at Uni Headquarters we are always tuning into Planet Earth. So much going on. We do sigh a lot thought. It’s often commented if only they could see it from this lofty perspective. They may just realize they have a little piece of heaven So serious sometimes. One of your people once stated to another. Do you know why angels can fly? Ahhh I’’ let you ponder that one..A chap called Chester is a clue though.

“No brainer Tommo”!

It was if he had heard evert thought whirling around in his head


He became aware of his surroundings. Sitting outside his friend’s place having a quiet cold one.

Dylan had just returned from inside with another Catlin’s Ale as one wasn’t quite enough to welcome in the weekend.

“He grinned. You looked like you were off in lala land”.

Tommo grinned back,, haha yup, contemplating the big leap of faith!!

I figured that. Dylan replied.

And in unison they both held up their beers “No brainer, right!

Dylan was a doctor like no other. Incredibly down to earth, preferring not to let on what his profession was.  A very charming Irishman with a quick wit and always a reassuring smile.

“Like you always say to others, and now I’m saying it back to you. No brainer Tommo

It will be life changing. Everyone here has got your back! I even feel a little envious” he chuckled in his charming Irish accent.

Tommo pondered that. Somehow, he knew when he was out in the world, the only person that would really have his back was himself and the voice that had become paramount in his head. Although knowing in the initial stages while he was still learning to trust the bigger picture process, it was a godsend knowing friends would do whatever it took if anything serious occurred.

“Haha true. Time to swallow my own words huh!”

“ Yeah, cheers to that! I’ll make you up a medical kit to take with you”

“Awesome! Cheers!”


“See you next Friday”!

As he headed into town his mind wandered back to the insights that had come through while hanging out with Dylan.


Intuition the voice quipped. The Universe! Your higher self. Could it even be God? Or could it actually be we are all one and the same. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you trust that all will unfold with divine intended precision. The oneness will unfold.

Wow, this is getting deep man!

Ping! Looking down at his phone. Tiana’s face is grinning at him! The text reads

“Book the damn ticket”

For real!  Tommo as most called him, happened to be standing outside the flight centre, looking at tickets to all over the world. Thailand was on his mind. But the thought of flying into Bangkok freaked him out. The movie the Hangover sprung to mind! Not being a big city person. Not speaking the language, New culture. It all seemed overwhelming.

Woo-hoo ! exciting from here. The ...

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