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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Chapter 3

Chapter three.

A conversation begins!

It was time. It always is, except when it isn’t.

And what precludes that? Starts with P.


 Self-doubt and fear had been his master for some time.  Too long.  A bloody life time he thought. Much had happened in the last few years. Life seemed to have fallen apart. Yet, there was an internal knowing that it had been meant to happen. There were too many signs. That job was so not him anymore. He had outgrown it. The energy had gone out of it. And sure, in hindsight that crazy on off relationship seems appealing now. It’s only because you’ve healed and feeling vulnerable with pending shifts, as well as time distorting how dramatic it all was he pondered. Playing detective in any relationship is not ones that hold integrity or is healthy for anyone’s wellbeing. Yet its hard not to reminisce and fantasy what could have been. Much was learned. Seemed like lifetimes rolled into one. It’s all leading somewhere.

His deepest desires was that of a soulful heartful connection.

 New doors will open if you approach them. Like magical sliding doors, and yes possibly even like those store front ones that trick you by not opening as your standing there looking and feeling baffled, and feeling a little bit silly, until someone else pushes what was once an invisible button. Ah yes, there will be magic, and loving guided intervention along the way.

 All that aside life had become mundane. It seemed most people were contentedly unhappy to live an existential life, shackled by fears with painted on smiles propped up by various forms of self-medicating. Not that it’s about comparing he pondered. May each create their own journey with whatever resonates. Or doesn’t resonate for that matter.

Which is all well and good for them. But for him facing into the barrel of another 40 or 50 years of the same old, seemed a crime against the soul. Fear and depression had been his companion off and on throughout life.

Why not choose again! What sort of companion would you really like?

 A loving, kind, compassionate, fun loving and adventurous companion. Yes!

 From here on in he declared to himself and the Universe;” It would be a loving internal companion he would purposefully create to always walk with him!”

“Scared?” The Universe popped in, hearing these wonderful intuitive thoughts taking place.

“ Um, yup”. He replied almost looking around.


“It’s ok, I’m you, and you are me.

 I am experiencing me through you. Or better put. I am, and “You am” are the one and the same. I am because you are. Without you I cannot exist as I am.

 I believe that wisdom is of the African tribal culture of your global nation.

“I am because you are”

Wow! Now I’m having a conversation with the Universe! Tommo mouth dropped open in awe.

“Yes, you are indeed.  You did just send a rocket of intention out to the Universe, did you not? And like a Magic Genie here I am! Ta daa! And I am here at any time on your journey and all others for that matter. You simply have to reach out, call out, speak the magical words such as “I am” and here I am, without you even seeing me.

Not that there are any others.  Part of your journey will be reminding them of that at some stage. And as you do you will remember a deeper truth and remind yourself...

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