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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Chapter 5

Chapter 5.

Tea with the Tillerman.

Tiana, her friend Ying and Tommo had their annual once a month drink a pint or three at the Lost Gypsy Paradise Bar that evening.  A cool retro hippie hang out. Tommo thought he was somewhat alternatively spiritual, but Ying lived authenticity from an entirely different place. He was still on his journey, as he was sure she was in a different way. Of course, not that it’s about comparing Tommo contemplated. Just fascinating to appreciate another’s journey.

Beautifully designed tattoos were one of her passions. She wore them with pride and they reflected her youthful natural beauty. One tattoo he especially loved on her right hand shoulder.

“Discover the extraordinary that lies Within”.

Tommo didn’t have any tattoos himself. He had always had an aversion to needles. Probably just as well. Otherwise he could have Snoopy or I love Harley Davidsons tattooed on his forehead. ”I love your tattoo Ying! Is that your quote?” She smiled a very seductive and heartwarming smile.

“I found it on internet. It resonates so much. I cannot resist.  I love the font!”

He looked again.

“Written in typewriter language” she smiled replying in prefect broken English.

“Love it! It’s very cool!” Tommo replied, thinking back to his idea of keeping a journal of quotes. When he thought back the Universe had been gifting these insights for a long time. He hadn’t recognised the gift. Well actually he had. He just didn’t realize how powerful they were. Another sign to take careful heed of.

You have tattoo? Ying quizzed him looking deeply at him with her mesmerising brown eyes.

“Na, I’m too soft” he shyly laughed.

Ying smiled. “Big strong Western man hehe”

Interesting, Ying was from Thailand and had shifted to New Zealand with her boyfriend 3 years ago. Since spilt up, she had fallen in love with New Zealand and had happily found a legitimate way to stay.

“I’m so excited you go to my country! I come too” she grinned, giggling from ear to ear.

So this was what was to come he pondered. “Are all Thai people so friendly, and fun loving?”

“Yes! But not all crazy good like me” she giggled with a smile of one of the happiest people I have ever seen.

Tiana really attracted some incredible and somewhat “out there” people into her life.

Um bro. And you don’t?

What the?  Did the Universe just call be bro?

“True that bro! We are after all in New Zealand right now huh. I love the lingo here. Chur! Oh yes, I’m loving this little planet today. Not that I don’t always. I’m just feeling especially fond of every living being on that beautiful little planet today. It really is so heavenly. Oh, I relish the day when more...

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