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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Intentions set. Shift unfolds

“If the darkness is followed by the light was simply a belief of the ages.

Then what if the light was ever present.

But our perception remains one of illusionary shadows.

Who decided the shadows were real?

Was it you?

Or was it programmed?

Even then, what if we could perceive it all as a gift,

Then what would it become?


He flicked on the bedside lamp. Scrambling for pen and paper.

Wow what a bizarre dream.

He scribbled things down as the dreams message was still fresh in his mind.

He starred through the sleep haze as the dream faded, but the words were as plain as the light of day on the recycled pad paper.

He pondered this message from the dreamy realm of consciousness.

Then a voice flashed there his mind. “You must go!” It was a voice like no other. A forceful yet soulful energy with a loving tone.

Wow! What a way to start the day! Go where?

Drawing the curtains, allowing the early morning sun to drench the once darkened room. He felt the experience of that action connecting with the dream.

Awareness felt high today. It felt as if it was going to be a really good day. One of those days where everything flows. He remembered he was meeting Tiana for coffee this morning ...

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