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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Chapter 6
A wildly unknown, unknown.

Chatper 6

A wildly unknown, unknown.


 If it is known to others

Is it really unknown at all?

Bangkok or bust. Tommo had heard the phrase “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humbled. What a thought. He was already a humble dude. His days of portraying that of the tough guy image were a life time past.

Looking back, staying overnight in the Auckland airport after a bus trip and flight from Dunedin, he was wondering about the sanity of being semi awake for 30 something hours on the move, adrenaline pumping as he felt wildly out of his comfort zone. 

Hmm, his brother's voice of playing it safe pops to mind. “You should book a hotel the first night in Bangkok”. Hmmm no… I ll work it out, he remembered thinking. Sometimes he pondered if he should really think things through more fully. OK stay cool. Act as if, chill the f$$k out. Breathe..

Wow, no wonder people resist stepping out of their comfort zones. This is intense. Tommo has the widest of wide tourist eyes as he asked the lady at the information desk

“Where I go to get into Bangkok?” he attempted slowing his normally fast speech down without being condescending.

She replied in perfect English, giving him directions he didn’t understand. Trying to convince him of a van and hotel somewhere. Felt scam like. Probably wasn’t but could have been. Plus was out of his budget.

But two crucial words stuck with him; Train and downstairs. Her thanked her with a big smile while thinking ,Ok to the train! Hmmm. Looking around at his new incredibly stimulated world. Nothing obvious. Ok to the steps then. Looking around again. A big sign that say...

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