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from In Search of a Soulful Life by Al Duncan

Copyright © 2019–2021 Al Duncan

Chapter 2
A conversation begins

Chapter 2

Every journey must begin.

To meet yourself

You must be prepared to meet all that is not you.

To step out into the world

You must also go within.

And there she was.

Always with a fantastic smile lighting up the world. Tommo laughed, smiling back.

“What?” she grinned even more broadly with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“You know”

“Well”, she laughed loudly, making everyone turn to see what was going on. Some people’s faces lit up, warmly affected by the infectious laughter well others frowned in disdain for having  their morning “coffee reading” interrupted on what their day might bring. Perhaps for them they could have perceived the joyful laughter as a sign to lighten up, and even take the long way to work. Maybe even opting for a “mental health” day at the beach. Now that could be just too much to contemplate what is considered normal for society. Right or wrong is a funny thing. Yet imagine the peace the soul would experience. The inspiration that may come in the stillness and calming effects of the ocean. The reflections that may infiltrate a mind that was overwhelmed yet thought it could not stop enough to feel into a new way of experiencing life.

You know my motto. “smile, it makes everyone wonder what you’ve been up to”

“Brilliant! And no, I’m not going to ask today” We both fell into a fit of giggles looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Recovering first, Tommo beckoned her to an outside table overlooking the still awakening buzz of the street.  The sun-speckled brightly behind the historic buildings of the old revamped area of town. A park with beautiful oak trees demonstrating their love of all seasons and the ability to endure all storms were alive with the newness of spring.

Tiana ordered chia lattes and a hot blueberry muffin with butter.

 She looked at me quizzically. “What’s up? That sparkle in your eyes is back?”

“Well, I had this crazy dream” Tommo said grinning authentically. “I can only remember bits of it. He cited the words of the dream as best he could remember. “

If darkness is followed by the light, then what if light is ever present but we are conditioned to believe in shadows”

Oh wow she exclaimed as she quick wittedly spoke,

“Always darkest before the dawn kind of thing” “One candle can light up an entire room” “Be the light within the tunnel”. “There is no tunnel” “Be the light that you seek!” Her intelligence of the deeper things of life I loved so much. She certainly possessed outer beauty. Yet her inner beauty was a beautiful soulful match.

The loving depth of the soul

 perceives everything as beautiful.

“Hang on I have to write something down”

“Love it!” she grinned “is that for me” she teased.

“Oh yeah, of course” Tommo winks.

  “Yes all that you said except with a further twist!”

It's like it was saying “there really is only light.

Within what we perceive as shadows are gifts.

So is there really any darkness? Or just what we judge to be darkness?”

“Yes!” Tommo jumped back in. “Were you in my dream? Did you sneak into my subconscious and make it up?”

 The CafĂ© owner grins at us we lose it again. Morva had various beautiful hand-painted signs around the walls. She was a flamboyant type now in her early fifties who had lived a life most only dream about. Slightly eccentric with a wmysical laugh.

 Life is for living.

There is plenty of time for not living when we die.


                                                                                       Laughter is the best medicine.

                                                                                       But making love is better.


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