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Assassinato Selva: (Murder Jungle)
by Steven Smith

Four friends go on a mystery sight-seeing holiday, they take a dreadful twist through a vast South American jungle, a jungle which it is soon apparent has far too many secrets.


It was late in the night, 1.50am to be precise. A woman sat in the darkness of her apartment living room, her legs resting up on the settee, her back against two large cushions. A white laptop resting upon her thighs was the only real source of light, the subtle lig...

Chapter 1

Five-past twelve, Katie should have been on her lunch break now, but her ruthless boss was pestering her for a quote he had only given to her just half an hour prior. She looked around the office and she was the only one foolish enough to still be here. "Miss H...

Chapter 2

The day of their flight had arrived, they gathered at the airport awaiting to board their flight, starting from Birmingham to Zurich and then from Zurich onto Rio. The near fifteen hour journey ahead was still a mystery to all but Katie. "Where is she?" Vicky asked ...

Chapter 3

The women followed the small group of fellow passengers up along a small dirt path, and into the tiny village. Tall tree's surrounded the buildings and gave partial cover with their huge overhanging leaves. There was maybe thirty to forty wooden huts, homes of the r...

Chapter 4

The women now waited outside the busy bar, along with their guide in the form of the young man Federico Dos Remos.

Some locals were eying up the pretty young women who had graced their tiny village, and with eager eyes it made them feel rather unwelcome.

Chapter 5

Lake Blue was now just over the next ridge, the group had hiked uphill during the last forty minutes and would eventually be at the peak of the waterfall.

Once there the glorious scenery melted Katie's heart, and she could see just how the views had taken the ...

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