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The monster I've become (working title)
by Steven Derwin

Growing up in the eighties and nineties. Daniel has to navigate life at the hands of an abusive father, the loss of a loved one, and a deadly mistake. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
The End

The rancid smell of stale urine and weed hung in the air. You could tell that nothing had been done with the house since the eighties maybe even the seventies other than being a refuge for local junkies and squatters. The carpet was damp and rotting away at the corners. It was old and thickened with years of dust, grime, and dirt, littered with little balls of rolled up tin foil, used syringes and empty aerosol, and beer cans that were gathering dust among the stains and rat droppings. The odd used condo...

Chapter 2
The start

How did I get here? lying on this dingy carpet in the ruins of the house I grow up in, covered in drying blood, the police outside about two minutes away from bursting through the front door. Well I think we would need to go back to 1988 to the first significant event that I remember, April of that year to be more precise, Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror topped the charts, and Batteries Not Included the number one movie at the box office. I was eight at the time, not long turned eight actually,...

Chapter 3
The hallway

The red pulsating numbers read 01.17am from the Sony digimatic alarm clock, the light fell on the smooth polished surface of the mahogany colonial style bedside table, a red glow being cast into my parents bedroom, the white quilt was no longer residing on the bed and instead resembled a avalanche cascading of the mattress forming a snow drift on the floor next to the upholstered bed frame. The white door of Alice and Eve’s bedroom closed too, with no sign of life. The incandescent warmth from the ...

Chapter 4

Daniel. Psst Daniel' Alice whispered a hint of caution in her soft gentle calming voice, she was trying her best to quietly attract my attention, anything to draw me away from being a hostage to the shine of the two gloss white up rights of the door frame, the right side of my profile highlighted from the sheet of stark white light reaching out into the hallway, the pitch black shadow of two stick thin legs casting a trail behind me across the floor, before bursting into an over sized torso and head as ...

Chapter 5
Real men don't cry

My focus was immediately drawn to the shimmering crescent of the moon as it started to break free from the canvas of tar black coiled clouds, the beads of weeping raindrops tapping on the windowpane giving of a murmur before they race and twist their way down the glass. The laser beams of Luna light struck him and gave him a glow of a white aura, a reflection on starlight bouncing off his eye. The intense smell of beer was wrestling with the fine dusting of hairs lining my nostrils, and I heard myself sw...

Chapter 6

I have no use for them, my eyes in the visual silence of the never ending darkness; I only know they are open because I can feel myself blink and the moisture coat the thin invisible layer of my cornea. I am running, but am I? My legs are going through the motion that tells my brain that I am, and my heart rate is accelerated, but I am not entirely sure if I am actually moving. I stop and look down at my feet and I am standing on nothing, an emptiness of darkness I can see nothing but black, yet my body ...

Chapter 7
The Devil

Have you ever had that experience, the feeling your life was about to be taken from you. Knowing there will be no tomorrow, not for you, you would no longer exist in the realm of the living, having the knowledge that the next breath you take could very well be your last, and your eyes would never grace the faces of your loved ones again, you will never see the things you hadn’t yet seen, or experience the things you hadn’t yet had the pleasure to experience. Being scared of what comes next, w...

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