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The Roots of Slavic Magic: Finding Our Way Back to Balance
by Patricia Robin Woodruff

What the cuckoo clock has to do with the Slavic goddess of water, why roosters are traditionally on weathervanes and what Slavic Pagan beliefs have to do with the Phila. Mummers Parade are just some of the fascinating things that have been discovered in this study of Slavic Paganism. By incorporating modern studies of petroglyphs, archeological sites, and looking at secret magical traditions carried on for millennia, new light is shed on these ancient beliefs. This is a pivotal work that will become an essential reference book for anyone interested in the Slavic Deities and its deep magic. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Why this book is different

Online, you will find the same information on the Slavic gods copied over and over again. It is important to understand where much of the information that currently exists on the Slavic religion came from. The pagans themselves had no written records. ...

Chapter 2
Introduction by Patricia Robin Woodruff

My maternal ancestry is a small cultural group identified as Lemko, or under the umbrella term of Ruthenian, Galician, Carpatho-Rusyn (26) or “White Russian.” The Lemko people live in the Carpathian Mountains gathered in a few towns that have their ...

Chapter 3
Looking at it in a new light

We’ve been drawing from the commonalities of the Slavic culture from Poland to Kazakhstan and up into Russia, what if we go back further to see *their* influences? Around the center of the Slavic areas we have the Neolithic Trypillian culture going b...

Chapter 4
The geography of the spiritual realms

The terms Prav, Jav, and Nav (Prava, Iava, Nava) are often used by modern Rodnovers and the self identified “Old Believers.”  Prav is the Spirit World, Jav is the physical world that we live in, and Nav is the Underworld. The terms would s...

Chapter 5

“...we have many helpers on the land, and in the water, granting us good hunting in the forests, and with its abundance providing food and pelts to Moscow, the Horde and faraway lands. Our gods reveal to us the magic mysteries...” - Pagan priest Pama (14th century)

It w...

Chapter 6
The Gods (Bogu)

15  November, 2016 (Full moon - Super Moon) Entry from Patricia Robin Woodruff’s Book of Depth:

“Journeyed down my DNA staircase.  Baba Boyo was spinning by the fire and I sat on the floor on a cushion… I asked about the gods...  She told me that t...

Chapter 9

Siva - (Sivve, Siwa, Sieba, Siba, Siua, Shiwa, Syeba, Živa, Živena, Žemina, Żiwia, Zhiva, Zhivy, Zhizni, Zywye, Zywya, Zhywie, Razivia, Diva, Deva, Divača, Dsiva, Dziva, Deuača)

Siva is a very primal goddess and you need to understand her to grasp many other gods and ...

Chapter 10

Siebog (Devač, Devačo, Dovač, Devar, Devin, Dievas, Dievs)

Not much seemed to be recorded on this god, which is very misleading because he is incredibly important.  I could find mentions of him in his pairing with the goddess; mentions of Siva and Siebog or the vari...

Chapter 11
Mat Zemla

"All that is alive - is a sign of the earth's kindness. Every earth born object is full to the brim with life's strength, granted by mother earth. Tree, flower, stone, and man - all from the earth. They are all full of earth's power, although in each, the power is of various shape and form."<...

Chapter 12

Triglav (TRIG-lahv) - (Triglava, Triglavu, Triglov, Troglav, Triglaous, Triglaus, Trigelawus, Triglous, Trihlav, Tribogov, Trygław, Trygłow, Tryglav, Trdoglav, Trziglov, Troian, Troyan, Trajan)

Triglav means “three-headed.”  &nbs...

Chapter 13

Some researchers assert that there’s no proof of a white god, Bialobog, despite pairs of mountains being named after Bialobog and Czarnobog, the black god.  I agree with them to the extent that I believe Bialobog and Czarnobog were simply titles for the gods who presi...

Chapter 14

He is known as the “Black God” (chorna, czarna, zerni, zrini, all meaning “black.”)(1) His reign is about October 26 until he “dies” and is transformed to Bialabog on May 6th. It is sa...

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