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from The Roots of Slavic Magic by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Chapter 14

He is known as the “Black God” (chorna, czarna, zerni, zrini, all meaning “black.”)(1) His reign is about October 26 until he “dies” and is transformed to Bialabog on May 6th. It is said that Chernobog can shape change to a black dog.(2) He is seen in Fantasia as the dark figure rising over the mountain in the Night at Bald Mountain scene. There Czarnobog calls the spirits, witches, dragons, werewolves and all the creatures of the night to dance at the Summer Solstice. However artistic the presentation it is lacking in accuracy.

Czarnobog (shchar-NOO-boog) - (─îarnaboh, Cerni Bog, Chernabog, Chernebog, Chernobog, Chornbog, Cherno-Bog, Chiernobog, Chornoboh, ─îiernoboh, Crn, Crnobog, Czernabog, Tchernobog, Tsernobog, Zcerneboch, Zemeboh, Zerne-Bog)

The Summer Solstice would be Bialobog’s time to reign as the research indicates that Bialogbog is just a title for Svarog, Lord of the Summer Sun and Czarnobog is a title for Dazbog, Lord of the Winter Sun. They in turn, are the manifestations of Seibog, the Lord of the Life-Bringing Radiance, as he is reborn through the cycle of the year.  

As part of my evidence I would present that the same sacred place, a hill, was sacred to both aspects of the God of the Life-Bringing Radiance.&n...

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