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from The Roots of Slavic Magic by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Chapter 9

Siva - (Sivve, Siwa, Sieba, Siba, Siua, Shiwa, Syeba, Živa, Živena, Žemina, Żiwia, Zhiva, Zhivy, Zhizni, Zywye, Zywya, Zhywie, Razivia, Diva, Deva, Divača, Dsiva, Dziva, Deuača)

Siva is a very primal goddess and you need to understand her to grasp many other gods and goddesses. She is the goddess of the life-force. Her lore is much hazier, which would seem to indicate an earlier origin. Her name means “living, being, existing.” (1) Polish schol...

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