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from The Roots of Slavic Magic by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Chapter 11
Mat Zemla

"All that is alive - is a sign of the earth's kindness. Every earth born object is full to the brim with life's strength, granted by mother earth. Tree, flower, stone, and man - all from the earth. They are all full of earth's power, although in each, the power is of various shape and form." - M. Gimbutiene

Mat Zemla (maat ZEM-lah) - (Matka Ziemia, Matka Ziema, Matka Zeme, Matkę Ziemię, Matki Ziemi, Mati Syra Zemlya, Mati Zemlya, Zemynele, Zemyna, Žemina, Zemes maate, ...

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