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from The Roots of Slavic Magic by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Chapter 6
The Gods (Bogu)

15  November, 2016 (Full moon - Super Moon) Entry from Patricia Robin Woodruff’s Book of Depth:

“Journeyed down my DNA staircase.  Baba Boyo was spinning by the fire and I sat on the floor on a cushion… I asked about the gods...  She told me that the gods were just more in touch with their Spirit essence, like an elder, knowing more, or a master craftsman having much more skill.  It was good to be on friendly terms because they could do more and swifter in their areas of skill….

My great-grandmother Xenia came to the states around 1902.  I can’t write her name in the original Cyrillic, but I know it’s pronounced as (kszen-YAH.)  In the various records, it’s spelled Ksenia, Zenia, but generally Xenia.  She got called Sadie here, because she was trying to fit in as “an American,” but she is still essentially herself.  I can know her as Sadie, but I understand her better when I know that she is also called Xenia.  I can also see her slightly misunderstood in the variations of her names.  No, I will never be able to understand her as my great-grandfather did (since he had the commonality of experience of coming from a nearby Lemko town,) but the more I learn, the more I understand her (and consequently myself.)  In the same manner, we will examine the gods and goddesses of the Slavic cultures.  

Reverend Donald Lewis-Highcorrell has an excellent description of Deity, “…we can think of Universal Deity like a diamond.  The diamond is only one stone, but it has many facets… which are personal deities… Personal deities translate the abstractions of Universal Deity into human terms that...

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