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by Cynthia A. Jensen

A man kidnaps a fitness guru to help his depressed sister lose weight. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1


Chapter One



           “Merry Christmas, Man,” my brother, Todd, said as he walked in my bedroom carrying a breakfast tray. On it was an ove...

Chapter 2

Chapter Two



           Todd came home two hours later, and he was covered in dust, grime, and sweat. I had finished my laundry by then, and started his while he took a shower upst...

Chapter 3

Chapter Three



           We arrived back home and took everything inside. We worked together to set the table. I opened the containers and put the food  in my mom’s ol...

Chapter 4

Chapter Four



           We sat in our lounge chairs in our backyard, in our pajamas, drinking the wine and smoking the cigars. I looked up into the night sky and admired the view....

Chapter 5

Chapter Five



           I drove to Barnes and Noble, and parked underground. Taking the elevator up to the street level, I entered the store and looked around. I found the “...

Chapter 6

Chapter Six


December 26, 2016

Dear Luci,

This evening I decided that I am going to change my whole life around. I’m tired of being fat, being teased, being leered at by people with disgusted looks o...

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven



           Todd dropped me off at the house and took off for the Ashford’s place. I unlocked the front door and set my bags down on the couch, along with my pu...

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight



           I finished my breakfast close to 9am. I had had oatmeal, toast, and coffee. Black coffee. I didn’t really enjoy it, it was kind of bitter, but I dr...

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine



           I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym. I felt like making beef stew for dinner. I gathered all the ingredients and spices, placing th...

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