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by Cynthia A. Jensen

A man kidnaps a fitness guru to help his depressed sister lose weight. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1


Chapter One



           “Merry Christmas, Man,” my brother, Todd, said as he walked in my bedroom carrying a breakfast tray. On it was an overflo...

Chapter 2

Chapter Two



           Todd came home two hours later, and he was covered in dust, grime, and sweat. I had finished my laundry by then, and started his while he took a shower...

Chapter 3

Chapter Three



           We arrived back home and took everything inside. We worked together to set the table. I opened the containers and put the food  in my mom&rsquo...

Chapter 4

Chapter Four



           We sat in our lounge chairs in our backyard, in our pajamas, drinking the wine and smoking the cigars. I looked up into the night sky and admired the ...

Chapter 5

Chapter Five



           I drove to Barnes and Noble, and parked underground. Taking the elevator up to the street level, I entered the store and looked around. I found the &l...

Chapter 6

Chapter Six


December 26, 2016

Dear Luci,

This evening I decided that I am going to change my whole life around. I’m tired of being fat, being teased, being leered at by people with disgusted lo...

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven



           Todd dropped me off at the house and took off for the Ashford’s place. I unlocked the front door and set my bags down on the couch, along with ...

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight



           I finished my breakfast close to 9am. I had had oatmeal, toast, and coffee. Black coffee. I didn’t really enjoy it, it was kind of bitter, but...

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine



           I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym. I felt like making beef stew for dinner. I gathered all the ingredients and spices, placi...

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten


           Marcie Starr showed up. Everyone gave their greetings to her. She looked at me and smiled. “Newbie?”


Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven


           We took my car to Alan’s Steakhouse. Todd drove. I felt like I was in an unsafe mood to get behind the wheel, so I had handed over my keys. We got there cl...

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve


           I went back to work that Tuesday, not looking forward at all to it. Same faces, same comments, same bullshit. I sat in my cubicle and turned on my computer. I wo...

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