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from Starrbodies by Cynthia A. Jensen

Copyright © 2019–2020Cynthia A. Jensen

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight



           I finished my breakfast close to 9am. I had had oatmeal, toast, and coffee. Black coffee. I didn’t really enjoy it, it was kind of bitter, but I drank it anyway. I got dressed and packed my new gym bag with my swimsuit and a towel. Last night I had put some of my shampoo and conditioner into travel size plastic bottles. Another one held my shower gel, and I put a brush and deodorant inside one of the pockets.

           I drove to the gym. It was quite a bit further than I would’ve liked, but if I wanted to take that class, I’d have to tolerate the traffic. Luckily, they had their own parking lot, and I found a spot right away. I got my gym bag and purse out of the trunk and shut it, pressing the button on my key fob to lock the doors and set the alarm.

           Walking through the double doors into the gym, I was hit with the smell of sweaty bodies and the sound of Indie music loudly playing through the speakers in the ceiling. Looking around, I saw that the place was somewhat crowded, even at this time of the morning.

           A woman in a green T-shirt with the gym’s name and a cartoon man holding a barbell above his head approached me.

           “Can I help you with anything?” She asked, with a big smile on her face.

           “Hi, I was thinking about joining this gym. Do you know who I should talk to?” I said, switching my gym bag to my other hand.

           “Sure, let me call Jessica. She’ll go over the details and perks with you.” She walked over to the desk and called for Jessica over the loudspeaker.

           I stood there waiting about 5 minutes for her. She was very enthusiastic when she walked up to me. Long blond hair in a ponytail that she swung from side to side. She wore the same shirt as the first girl.

           “Hi, I’m Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess.” She smiled. “You can call me Jess too.”

           “Okay…Jess.” I said slowly. “I’d like some information on joining the gym. Like how much it is per month and…”

           “Oh, yeah, we’ll get to that. Let me show you around. Follow me.”


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