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from Starrbodies by Cynthia A. Jensen

Copyright © 2019–2020 Cynthia A. Jensen

Chapter 4

Chapter Four



           We sat in our lounge chairs in our backyard, in our pajamas, drinking the wine and smoking the cigars. I looked up into the night sky and admired the view.

           “What a day,” Todd said. “How are you doing, Man?”

           “The wine’s helping,” I said, taking another sip. It was actually pretty good stuff. I could feel myself relax into the buzz.

           “I am really enjoying my cigar,” He said. “How about you?”

           I took another puff. “Yeah, they’re really good.” I lifted my face and blew smoke up to the sky. Its tendrils turning and circling like a ghost.

           “I’m so sorry about the dress,” he said.

           “Please, let’s not talk about it,” I said.

           “Okay. Hey, at least we’ll both smell good.” Todd said, thinking about our Christmas presents.

           That made me chuckle.

           We sat in silence, each caught up in our own thoughts. I finished my second glass of wine, and poured another. It was going down smoothly, probably the best wine I had ever had. I took another puff of the cigar, enjoying the taste, and exhaled slowly. Ben Mason had been kind enough to bring these cigars back from his trip to Cuba he had taken recently. They were expensive, but I was glad to do it for my brother. He’s worked hard all his life, and taken care of me when I needed taken care of. I just wanted him to be happy.

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