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from Starrbodies by Cynthia A. Jensen

Copyright © 2019–2020 Cynthia A. Jensen

Chapter 5

Chapter Five



           I drove to Barnes and Noble, and parked underground. Taking the elevator up to the street level, I entered the store and looked around. I found the “healthy living” section and began to browse. There were so many books on the subject. I pulled out one at random and turned to the first page. It was an exercise book, and written in bold black letters was a warning to consult your doctor before beginning any fitness programs. That had me thinking. I hadn’t been to my md in a long time. I guess it was time for an appointment. I wondered if he’d be able to see me before Thursday.

           I picked out a few more books, a couple healthy cookbooks and then thought about one more thing I really wanted. I walked down a few more aisles and saw what I was looking for. The journal section had plenty to choose from. I decided I was going to document this journey of mine, starting today. I picked one that looked old, with an ancient map on the leather cover. I opened it up to see the college ruled light-yellow pages. It was about an inch-and-a-half thick. Plenty of space to write. I added it to the pile I was carrying and walked to the check-out line. There were just a few people ahead of me, and I patiently waited my turn.

           “Next, please.”

           I plopped my books on the counter and smiled at the cashier. Her name was Jasmine, and she smelled like she had on jasmine perfume or body spray. I really liked it.

           “Did you find everything you were looking for today?” She asked me.


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