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from Starrbodies by Cynthia A. Jensen

Copyright © 2019–2020 Cynthia A. Jensen

Chapter 3

Chapter Three



           We arrived back home and took everything inside. We worked together to set the table. I opened the containers and put the food  in my mom’s old serving dishes. Todd got out the plates and cutlery. I placed our meal in the middle of the table. We sat down and bowed our heads in silent prayer. As we ate, we each thought about our parents.

           “Remember the time mom forgot to take the gut bag out of the turkey?” I asked, and we laughed.

           “Remember when you were young, dad took the turkey out of the oven, and after it had cooled for a while, he asked you to do the carving?” Todd said. “And when you pulled out the chicken that he had secretly put in the turkey…” He laughed as he spoke. “You thought the turkey had been pregnant and you refused to eat anything.” Now, he was in hysterics.

           “Yeah,” I said, putting green beans on my fork. “I couldn’t eat meat for a few years because of that!”

           “Mom had problems with getting you to eat anything.”

           “Well, look at me now, I more than made up for it.” I said.

           “If people can’t see past your weight and see what a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful person you are, then I feel sorry for them.” Todd smiled at me.

           He always knew what to say to make me feel better about myself. He was himself a little overweight, but it never seemed to bother him.

           “Thank you, Todd.” I said sincerely. “I appreciate your kind words.”

           We finished eating and cleaned up, Todd washing the dishes, and me drying them and putting them back in their proper places.

           “What do you say we go see what Santa got us for Christmas?” Todd said, directing me to the living room.

           “Should we turn on the radio? Christmas music?” I asked.

           “Sure, why not.” Todd said holding one of his gifts to his ear and giving it a gentle shake.

           “Who’s going first this year?” I asked.

           “I went first last year, so you go ahead. I hope you like what I’ve gotten you.”


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