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About me

Hello! I'm a writerly bean who writes YA Science Fiction and Fantasy. I enjoy historical dramas and slasher movies, like Reign, Saw V, and Moulin Rouge. I work at Immortal Works Publishing as a marketing assistant and have been writing for 8 years.

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Mackenzie Seidel (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Speculative Fiction
Smoke and Gold
by Mackenzie Seidel

When Eridein Kaspers is invited to be a potential suitor to the prince of the Golden Throne, the reigning power in post-nuclear California, it is the opportunity of a lifetime--to assassinate him. Now entwined in the dark plots of the court, Eridein is caught between new alliances and duty to her cause.

Chapter 1

Storm warning sirens wail around me as I run through Arling’s central market. The wind whips the sand up into my face and it cuts into my skin as I plow forward through the crowds pushing to get inside, away from the storm. I glance back for just a moment, adj...

Science Fiction
War Born
by Mackenzie Seidel

Meridian Rollins was raised to be the perfect tactician, but when she is captured by the enemy and forced to fight for their side, she starts to question the convictions she has held for the last nine years.

Chapter One

The Stargazer shuddered as another missile impacted the hull, throwing Meridian away from her computer. Her fingers grazed against the edge of the tactical screen, but she wasn't fast enough to catch herself and hit the wall behind her with a sickening jolt of pain....


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