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Single mother of two very headstrong redheads. Born and raised in Denver Colorado. I love reading and writing and most of all that glorious smell of books. I am unpublished, besides a few poems as a kid, and working on my first novel.

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Katrena Turner     (Tier II Rising Star Author )


origin shorts: elemental guard short story
by Katrena Turner

part of the origin story for one of the main characters in Elemental Guard: Verlyn. "Sounds interesting!"


She peers out the window, onto the perfectly groomed yard. Watching her beautiful children play without a care in the world. She doesn’t let the tears run down her face, not now in this sunny fall day. She won’t let her children see her cry. She won&rsqu...

Elemental Guard
by Katrena Turner

a young woman is suddenly thrust into the paranormal world with the death of her sister. she is assigned on 'The Guard' a force of elemental magic wielders who protect the magical community of the world to keep safe from the ones who hunt them. "Sounds interesting!"


Officer Johnson was driving his police cruiser down the county road sipping his coffee on his way to his shift. He loved the night shift. The air was still; the dark was peaceful and out here in the country, the most action he saw was trying to keep the teenagers fr...

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