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from The Story of Prince Arsalan the Famous [Amir Arsalan Namdar] by Dariush Ahmadzadeh Rezvani

Copyright © 2020–2024 Dariush Ahmadzadeh Rezvani

Chapter 1

The Story of Prince Arsalan the Famous [Amir Arsalan Namdar] (Volume I of III)


The Story of ((Prince Arsalan the Famous[1])) is one of the most famous novels in Persian folklore. This story was told to King Naser al-Deen of The Qajar Dynasty by his storyteller - Mirza Mohammad-Ali Naqeeb Al-Mamalek. At that time, King Naser al-Deen's daughter - Fakhr od-Dowleh - sat behind the half-open door of the room. She then wrote the stories carefully...

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