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The Story of Prince Arsalan the Famous [Amir Arsalan Namdar]
by Dariush Ahmadzadeh Rezvani

The story is published in three volumes in English and Arabic. Dating back to the 11th century, the story is about a young prince, who starts traveling around the world, who sees a picture of a pretty princess, and who then has to confront fairies and demons in order to find her. This story is one of the most famous novels in Persian folklore. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The Story of Prince Arsalan the Famous [Amir Arsalan Namdar] (Volume I of III)


The Story of ((Prince Arsalan the Famous[1])) is one of the most famous novels in Persian folklore. This story was told to King Naser al-Deen of The Qajar Dynasty by his storyteller - Mirza Mohammad-Ali Naqeeb Al-Mamalek. At that time, King Naser al-Deen's daughter - Fakhr od-Dowleh - sat behind the half-open door of the room. She then wrote the stories carefully...

Chapter II: Birth of Prince Arsalan

On the other hand, when the queen - i.e. Malekshah's wife - arrived at Khajeh Na’man's house, Khajeh's maids served her, took her to Khajeh’s private bathhouse, and made her up after the bath.

When Khajeh Na'man came home, he saw the queen and knelt before her. The queen stood up, took his hand, and sat him beside herself. Khajeh Na'man, who was really fascinated by the queen, told her his secret. "You saved my life and have a right over me," Malekshah's wife said, “but you have t...

Chapter III: The Envoy of Farang

The next day, a messenger from the king came to Khajeh Na'man’s house and told him that the king had summoned him and Arsalan to his palace.

Khajeh Na’man and Arsalan went to the court of the king. The king ordered Khajeh Na’man and Arsalan to sit down. At this point, several people entered the court "Almas Khan the Farangian and a hundred other people have a message for the king from King Petrus the Farangian," they said.

The king sent his chancellor to greet Almas Khan. Kh...

Chapter IV:

The Conquest of Rome & the Killing of Sam Khan the Farangian

The king, who saw the killing of Almas Khan, said to his chancellor, "It is so bad that the envoy of King Petrus was killed in my palace, now there is going to be chaos."

The chancellor said, "Your Majesty, the solution to this should be asked of Khajeh Na’man because he has caused this problem.”

"Your Majesty, this boy is very lucky and fortunate," Khajeh Na’man told the king, “The...

Chapter V: Towards Farang

A few days passed. Prince Arsalan had not yet forgotten Farrokh Leqa.

One morning when he woke up, an idea suddenly popped into his head. He sent one of his soldiers to bring him a set of old Farangian clothes. When the clothes were ready, he wrapped them in a piece of cloth.

He then went with four of his guards to the port to board the ship.

Khajeh Na’man ran toward him, "Where do you want to go?" He asked Arsalan.

Prince Arsalan said, "I want to wander around the sea for a...

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