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from Crystal of Fate (working title) by Nova Mitchell

Chapter 1 (revised)
Something Unexpected

The sun began to climb in the brisk morning air of Spring. Trinkets of the nights rain were still fresh upon the earth and droplets fell off the leaves. It was looking to be a picturesque morning as the forest was awakening to the sounds of morning.

Nestled comfortably under one of the tall Oaks, with leaves and marsh for a bed, rested a young elf sprawled out on her belly. With a small moan she stirred from where she laid and rolled on top of a bur, sticking her self in the side. She woke with a loud yelp and sprang up from her spot. The elf rubbed her tender side and glared at the bur, plucking it from her bed.

Trying to return to sleep now would be useless so she stood and stretched, ready to start the day. She ran her fingers through her red curly hair, carefully picking out the debris. She pulled on a light red shirt that tied under her chest. Shaking off her green britches she stepped into them, the material wrapping around her well-defined legs. Stomping her feet into her sturdy brown knee-high boots she placed a blue crystal on her temples and silver arm-bands, in the shape of a serpent, on her forearms. Her silver eyes, shined like brightly polished crystal as she peered about the forest of Deovi. 

From where she was, everything looked peaceful. It was dangerous these days for an elf to be alone, The lucky ones lived in secret colonies trying to keep themselves hidden from the world. Others, they were taken prisoner and forced to Mountain where Syder - the self-proclaimed ruler of the lands - drained them of their life force in hopes of taking their power for his own. Nothing worked.

Another day had dawned. Another day when Fate would tie the world in its puppet strings and make it dance. But not her. She had escaped the strings of Fate many times before. She, one who has challenged the odds and denied what she must know in order to survive. Fate played a cruel game and she was determined not to let it get the best of her.

She plucked an apple from the boughs of a nearby tree and made her way toward home. 

“Help!” a distant cry pierced the air. Her ears twitched as she stopped and looked around. For a moment she thought the wind was playing tricks on her ears until the voice sounded again. 

“Somebody! Anybody! Help!”

“What in the Nine Moons...” she mumbled under her breath as she dropped the apple and started off at a run towards the sound of the voice.

“Where are you?” She shouted, ...

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