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A lover of words who has a wild imagination, I love to create stories and can do so out of nearly anything.

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Nova Mitchell     (Tier III Newcomer Author )


Crystal of Fate (working title)
by Nova Mitchell

She's escaping her Fate, and he never wanted to be a hero, but sometimes the most unlikeliest of things can change the world. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1 (revised)
Something Unexpected

The sun began to climb in the brisk morning air of Spring. Trinkets of the nights rain were still fresh upon the earth and droplets fell off the leaves. It was looking to be a picturesque morning as the forest was awakening to the sounds of morning.

Nestled comfortably under one of the tall Oaks, with leaves and marsh for a bed, rested a young elf sprawled out on her belly. With a small moan she stirred from where she laid and rolled on top of a bur, sticking her self in the side. She woke wit...

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