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Literary Fiction
by Robin Murarka

AKIN follows a young boy named Aydan who lives in a small village in the desert. The story takes place in an ancient, archaic past, and follows him as he ventures into the world around him, often reflecting on his own internal struggles while experiencing both beautiful and horrible happenings around him. Contains some sexuality, strong violence, and profanity. "Sounds interesting!"


Long ago, Parus, there was a man named Samad. He lived in a village not unlike ours, although his village was larger and further into the desert. It was surrounded by sands as far as the eye could see.

"The village and its occupants grew up together in close proximity. It was organized by a group of elders who made decisions that affected the entire village. They relied upon a well and farmed the arid land. All were known to each other.

"Samad had a son, and his name was Ionus. Samad adored ...

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