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Beyond the Deep Water
by Karla Martinez

More than a romance, there is a message I want to give to anyone who can relate to the feelings of the main character. Camille Laitner is beautiful and elegant but a clear example that beauty doesn't give you a perfect life. Mentally and physically abused by her father, bullied and hated by her peers, Camille has locked herself in a bubble that can't let anyone in, until she opens the portal to the Gods World. A place where she finds freedom, love, and hope in the hands of Axl the God of Water. "Sounds interesting!"


The sun shines brightly in the middle of the blue sky. Heavenly.

The countryside is always sunny, blue, and radiant, thanks to the sun that touches everything with life. Landscapes are full of pasture, which looks like a yellow ocean of buttercups when they bloom to its full wonder. This is what Camille enjoys the most about springtime. The season of rebirth and restart.

This is the perfect time to feel the gleaming sun on her skin, burning it enough to give her a little color, which also hel...


“What are you doing here?” Like an angel fallen from the sky, Adam appears to save her. A silent hero whose voice shoves the horrific entities back to their dimension, giving Camille an immediate sense of relief.

She looks up in dismay, but all she sees is a tender smile that shines through any darkness surrounding her.

“Hey.” He bends down to take a good look at her face. Camille squints her eyes to get a clear view of his grin.

“Hi,” she tries to...


The night falls, and the darkness spreads all over town. The shadows lurk with ease while finding their way to Camille. The walls cave in as the dark energy creeps over her body. He's coming. They’re calling the monster. Thanks to the fatigue and pain, she’s fallen asleep, but her senses wake up in a panic. Even though her eyelids are glued to each other, her brain is awakening those horrible dreams.

Camille turns in her bed while her pores open up with cold sweat, her brain fires alert...


Camille faces her father. Even when her pain is excruciating, her willpower keeps her standing. Although her spine throbs and her face are almost numb, she’s ready to hear the truth. Why are the shadows targeting her? Why has her father turned into a monster?

“Camille,” her mother is frightened to see the determination in Steve's cold eyes. He’s willing to tell her everything. Things that Camille is not ready to know. The joy to finally have the chance to spill the truth and...


Almost out of breath and in extreme pain, but Camille manages to reach the only place she feels at peace. Blue Water Lake. She stops a few feet away from the edge, breathing in, but a sharp stab in her stomach makes her wince. The night is cold, but she doesn't care anymore. She's free, finally free from the monster, but not from the shadows.

She drops on the grass, spreading her arms, still trying to catch her breath. Camille looks up to the infinite space above. The night sky, it’s a comfo...


Slowly regaining consciousness, Camille keeps her eyes closed while analyzing her surroundings. She flexes her hands but stops at the touch of sand beneath her fingers. It's smooth and hot, burning hot, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Focusing a little more, Camille begins to feel the blaze of the midday sun burning her skin. She breathes in; while internally examining her body to ensure there's no more damage than before.

Something doesn't feel the same. The air feels humid and cold, it ...


Aren't you a god?" The saltiness in her throat makes it uncomfortable to speak, and the fatigue of being under the sun for too long starts to show on Camille's face.

"My function in this world is simply to serve and assist his majesty, the God of the Water Kingdom. Therefore, I am nothing." Azzel informs her with politeness and admiration for someone more powerful than he can ever be. His words stir curiosity in her.

Azzel's presence feels powerful, but he believes it to be nothing. It's sur...

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