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Beyond the Deep Water
by Karla Martinez

More than a romance, there is a message I want to give to anyone who can relate to the feelings of the main character. Camille Laitner is beautiful and elegant but a clear example that beauty doesn't give you a perfect life. Mentally and physically abused by her father, bullied and hated by her peers, Camille has locked herself in a bubble that can't let anyone in, until she opens the portal to the Gods World. A place where she finds freedom, love, and hope in the hands of Axl the God of Water. "Sounds interesting!"


The sun shines brightly in the middle of the blue sky. Heavenly.

The countryside is always sunny, blue, and radiant, thanks to the sun that touches everything with life. Landscapes are full of pasture, which looks like a yellow ocean of buttercups when they bl...


“What are you doing here?” Like an angel fallen from the sky, Adam appears to save her. A silent hero whose voice shoves the horrific entities back to their dimension, giving Camille an immediate sense of relief.

She looks up in dismay, but all sh...


The night falls, and the darkness spreads all over town. The shadows lurk with ease while finding their way to Camille. The walls cave in as the dark energy creeps over her body. He's coming. They’re calling the monster. Thanks to the fatigue and pain, she&rsq...


Camille faces her father. Even when her pain is excruciating, her willpower keeps her standing. Although her spine throbs and her face are almost numb, she’s ready to hear the truth. Why are the shadows targeting her? Why has her father turned into a monster?<...


Almost out of breath and in extreme pain, but Camille manages to reach the only place she feels at peace. Blue Water Lake. She stops a few feet away from the edge, breathing in, but a sharp stab in her stomach makes her wince. The night is cold, but she doesn't care...

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