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I spent 20 years as a fitness trainer but have always been a writer in some capacity. I began learning editing to improve my writing but I loved it so much, I'm now a qualified editor. Unfortunately, I can now see all the errors in my previous books!

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Wendy Ogilvie     (Tier IV Newcomer Author )

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The 36Club
by Wendy Ogilvie

When ex police officer turned teacher, Jenna Sharp, discovers the recent death of a student is the fourth in a year, she insists on finding out why. Police investigations revealed no connection between the deaths, but school journalist Abbie Rayne has a theory about the 36Club; a secret club run by students. With a possible connection between the deaths, Detective Jackson Ortiz of Philadelphia PD agrees to check out their theory but the closer they get to the truth, the more Jenna has to face up to what happened in her past. "Sounds interesting!"


Danny Musgrove noticed a faint humming noise joined by a cackling as he became more aware of his surroundings. The sound was reminiscent of his uncle's farm. The air around him was thick and humid; a droplet of sweat ran into his right eye causing him to squeeze it shut. He tried to lift his right arm to rub his eyes but it wouldn't move. Blinking a couple of times attempting to clear his sight, he realised his wrists were tied to whatever it was he was sitting on.

His heart began beating faster as...

Chick Lit
Wandering Among the Stars
by Wendy Ogilvie

When Wanda Mikos’ ambition of being a celebrity personal trainer in Los Angeles becomes a reality, she is soon reminded of her dad’s advice ‘be careful what you wish for’. An unfortunate incident in a restaurant results in a potential A-lister client for the newly qualified trainer. With her career being put on full speed, inventing a new training method and dealing with media interest under the scrutiny of an over-ambitious journalist is not exactly what she was expecting. Falling for her new client wasn’t in her plans either. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
LA Jail

I arrived in Los Angeles four weeks ago and here I am in jail. I should mention why I’m here - not jail, LA I mean. I am a Personal Trainer to the stars. Well that's a slight exaggeration but that was my dream when I entered the Main Event Competition at home in England. The event is run by Move Makers Gym, based in LA. Their trainers work with the Hollywood elite and the winner of the competition would get to work in their gym for three months. I didn't win but I came close; Patsy and Rae, who own...

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