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Chick Lit
Wandering Among the Stars
by Wendy Ogilvie

When Wanda Mikos’ ambition of being a celebrity personal trainer in Los Angeles becomes a reality, she is soon reminded of her dad’s advice ‘be careful what you wish for’. An unfortunate incident in a restaurant results in a potential A-lister client for the newly qualified trainer. With her career being put on full speed, inventing a new training method and dealing with media interest under the scrutiny of an over-ambitious journalist is not exactly what she was expecting. Falling for her new client wasn’t in her plans either. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
LA Jail

I arrived in Los Angeles four weeks ago and here I am in jail. I should mention why I’m here - not jail, LA I mean. I am a Personal Trainer to the stars. Well that's a slight exaggeration but that was my dream when I entered the Main Event Competition at home ...

Chapter 2
Patsy's News

I am in work today and have successfully avoided my boss by bobbing among the gym equipment and offering to help anybody with anything that will keep me out of her sight. I spot Rolo - a young male member - not an immature willy, just a guy who has gym membership. H...

Chapter 3
Monday 28th October - Meeting Ethan

I remember my first week here when I saw the studios on Melrose Ave; it was like looking at Cinderella's castle in Disneyland and thinking that one day I could be training actors and may have to go to the set and tell them what to eat from the food truck—one d...

Chapter 4
Tues 29th 0ct – Madeline and the frying pan

I can't help smiling as I drive up to the gates of Madeline Harvey's house; it’s stunning. I can just imagine Jared and Meg's faces if they could see this house. It’s white with a sweeping drive and immaculate lawns to the front and rear. Cara, the house...

Chapter 5
Thurs 31st Oct - Maddy's beauty secret

I adopt my usual smiley face when I ride up to the large white metal gates at the entrance to Madeline's house. I am buzzed through by Cara. The lawn to the right of the drive is such a bright green it doesn't look real. Why should it be? Nothing else here is!

I t...

Chapter 6
Thurs 31st October – Training Ethan

I'm driving to Raleigh studios this morning to train Ethan. I've not really noticed it before but the light in LA has a pinkish tinge rather like being in the movie La La Land. Fighting the urge to stop the car and tap dance around a park bench, I drive aro...

Chapter 7
Thurs 31st October – What to wear in LA

At last I'm going out! I've been here seven weeks and all I've seen of LA is the inside of the gym and this tiny apartment. It makes the flat I lived in with Jared and Megan look positively huge. Move Makers owns several apartments in this building and there are fou...

Chapter 8
Sat 2nd November – The Nick incident

When Ethan Caldwell walks through the door of the gym, I notice all female eyes turn to watch him. He isn't that famous yet so I'm not sure if it's just his good looks or the fact that this is LA and everyone knows all the actors before the rest of the world. He smi...

Chapter 9
Mon 4th November-The journalist

"Hi Wanda," Alison calls as she wafts past reception in a cloud of Chanel.

"Oh hello, Alison," I say whilst moving towards the weight stacks. I'm going to keep out of her way today.

"I wanted to ask you—"

"Sorry, Alison, but I have to check o...

Chapter 10
Thursday 7th November – Yoogling

Living in LA sometimes feels like living in an alternate universe, especially in Hollywood. Maybe it's because of the film industry; nothing is real it's like a film we are playing out. I have realised after talking to Madeline that I don't want to grow old here &nd...

Chapter 11
Fri 8th November – Ethan in the park

We arrive at the park and there are already people jogging and listening to music on their earphones.

"Why do they do that?" I ask as we begin a gentle jog and breathe in the soft morning air.

"Do what?"

"Everyone here, actually this is true of home to...

Chapter 12
Mon 4th November – Who is Jimmy?

Louis has asked me to train Ethan at his house. I can't imagine it would be as opulent as Madeline's but I am curious. I drive into the road instructed by the navigation system in Patsy's car. It's rather lovely; the road is wide with lots of trees and every ho...

Chapter 13
Wed 6th Nov – Rachel Tallyman's breasts

Madeline has asked me to come to Paramount Studios so we can work on her fitness and facial exercises between rehearsals. Today they are working on some indoor scenes and we will be able to work in with the producer as she has no idea when she will be needed on set....

Chapter 14
Sat 9th November – Maddy's interview

I'm sitting in the make up room with Madeline as she is plastered in enough foundation to cover the M25. Her lashes are so heavy she's struggling to open her eyes.

Madeline waves the make up girl away when she tries to add yet another layer of foundation. "I'm sur...

Chapter 15
Sunday evening - Wise words and elephant shit

Rolo is coming over for dinner as I told him I have some amazing news to tell him. I want to see his face. At home when one of us had big news, we would wait until we were all together and settled with a beer and pizza before spilling. It made those moments more mem...

Chapter 16
Mon 9th November – TIT training

I tried calling Patsy over the weekend but she was at some gym convention so decide to wait until I see her before mentioning the interview.

The first chance I get once back in the gym, I go in search of her. She's in her office so I knock on her door and wait. I ...

Chapter 17
Mon 11th November – Ethan in the Studio

It's 4pm and Ethan Caldwell just swept into the gym like he was being followed by a wind machine; his hair blowing lightly in the breeze from the door being opened behind him. Every girl in the reception has stopped what they were doing just to watch him walk. His s...

Chapter 18
Mon 11th November – Finding Ethan

When Rolo arrives, we discuss how we can go about our search. Rolo types Jimmy Hagan in the search engine and pages of hits immediately appear. This is not going to be easy; most of the results are about a legendary Sheffield United player who I'm sure was never fri...

Chapter 19
Tues 12th November –Tiger Training is born

I arrive at the gym this morning soaking wet and wheel my bike into the bike rack. I'm taking some new members around the gym later but have a quick meeting at nine o'clock with Patsy. I make my way to the changing rooms to dry off when I turn and see Kristen in the...

Chapter 20
Wed 13th November - Ethan's house

I have called Ethan to ask if he would mind testing a new range of stage make-up for Rolo. I will put him through his paces in his training session once Rolo has done his bit and we will test how well it stays on before streaking. He was very nice about it and actua...

Chapter 21
Wednesday 13th November –The party invite

My shift is over so we are heading back to mine when my phone rings. I look at Rolo.


"What if that's Ethan? That woman might have told him I was in his office."

"Okay, why don't you let whoever it is leave a message?"

"Good idea."


Chapter 22
Wed 13th November – Rodeo Drive

This is only the second time I have been on Rodeo Drive; everyone walking past looks expensively dressed. The designer shops here are amazing and the whole ambiance is efficiency and money driven. We have actually got dressed up to go shopping for clothes. I'm in my...

Chapter 23
Thurs 14th Nov – Is that Denzel Washington?

It's Thursday morning and it's raining. The Santa Ana winds are blowing and it feels like I'm back in Briford. They have a saying here, 'When the Santa Ana winds blow all bets are off; anything can happen'. It does feel like there's something in the air. Wh...

Chapter 24
Sat 16th November – Holistic training

After our second circuit of the house we lose Rolo to a bunch of women who are hounding him for make up tips. Kristen is pointing out anyone she recognises when Rachel Tallymen walks up to us and smiles. I glance at Kristen whose face appears to be stuck again.


Chapter 25
Sat 16th November – Waiting for Ethan to pee

"Ethan Hi," I say stepping back after bumping into his chest.

"Oh hello Wanda, I didn't realise you would be here. You do get about don't you?"

"Yes well Madeline Harvey is my client and I need to keep an eye on how many hors d'oeuvre she shovels into her mo...

Chapter 26
Sun - Lycra leggings & the laugh-o-meter

It's the night before the interview with Jessie Rayburn and Rolo is helping me decide what to wear. I'm staring into the lycra-laden contents of my wardrobe and emitting some sort of groaning sound.

"What are you moaning about?" Rolo asks as I continue to scour th...

Chapter 27
Mon 18th November – Madeline's pep talk

The car pulls in to the studio parking lot and I take a deep breath. I may throw up in the ashtray.

I am greeted at the reception by a young, brown-haired girl who looks about eighteen.

"Hello Miss Mikos, I'm Candy," she says with a professional smile be...

Chapter 28
Monday 18th Nov–Jessie and the dragonfly

"For those of you, who are regular Jessie Rayburn viewers, you will remember my chat with Madeline Harvey recently and how she disclosed her secret for younger-looking skin; her personal trainer's holistic training methods. Well, we couldn't let her keep that ground...

Chapter 29
Monday 18th Nov – Alison Bloody Skyler

After the show, I say goodbye to Madeline who has some fancy tea to go to and meet the rest of the guys from the gym. We make our way to a bar I have never seen before but it has dark wooden floors and resembles a cosy pub. The smell of beer hits my nostrils as we w...

Chapter 30
Wed 20th Nov–Drive through the bastards!

I'm driving to Madeline's house on Riverdale. It really is breathtaking especially at six o clock in the morning. There is nobody about and the early morning sun is bouncing off the white walls protecting the privacy of those who live in the mansions behind them. Ea...

Chapter 31
Wed 20th Nov–The End of Tiger Training?

As I pull into the gym car park I notice Kristen about to leave. I give her a wave and she walks over to the car.

"You okay?" she asks.

I relay the events of the morning. "Patsy is going to freak."

"I don't know if she has seen it yet but perhaps you h...

Chapter 32
Thursday 21st November – Ducks in a row

As soon as I arrive back in the gym, I call Rolo but get his answer machine so I leave a message; Hi Rolo, it's me, I'm just back from training Ethan and as I was leaving he got a call, all a bit mysterious and Ethan got a bit flustered. I'm about to go into a m...

Chapter 33
Friday 22nd November – What did you hear?

I walk through the doors of the gym and bump into Kristen who is running towards the changing rooms.

"Hi Kristen, you okay?" I ask as she sprints past me.

"My client just puked all over the mats!"

Oh dear. I assume she's going to get the mop and bucket...

Chapter 34
Friday 22nd November - Interview with Alison

After training Ethan, I take a slow cycle back to the gym as my interview with Alison has been arranged by Patsy for 11am in the small studio. My track record with this girl and the media in general, is not great so I'm apprehensive about the whole thing and can't w...

Chapter 35
Fri 22nd Nov-Don't give them concussion!

Alison and I part with a fake but polite smile before I make my way to patsy's office to let her know how the interview went.

Patsy is at the reception desk talking to Taylor. I check Alison has gone before nodding my head towards her office. She finishes her conv...

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