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I am a blogger, traveler and plant based lifestyle advocate from the Midwest who enjoys expessing creativity in many ways. I’m currently working on a non-fiction book titled “House H(a)unting”

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Cindy Lauderdale Moore     (Tier I Newcomer Author )


House H(a)unting: An Intuitive Realtor’s Journey Beyond Fear
by Cindy Lauderdale Moore

As a realtor I can tell you all the features of the house you are interested in. As an intuitive, I can also tell you whether the house is haunted, or not, if you really want to know! "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
The Fearful Realtor

In the old Victorian house, I stand warily next to the open front door as buyers climb the stairs to the floors above. Normally a realtor accompanies her clients through the house, pointing out features and answering questions. I am anything but a normal realto...


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