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from The Unforgiven (First Draft.) by Leila Miller

Chapter 1

Roth felt the heat of the blast as he was thrown away from the building they were passing. He could feel Sophia's small hand ripped from his as cries pain rang from behind him. 

Grasping for air, he found himself staring into the clear blue sky, he mind whirling to make sense of what just occurred.

Ringing replaced the screaming in his ears and the smell of acrid smoke filled his nose. He sat up coughing, shaking away the stars dancing in front of his eyes. Roth tried to make sense of the scene with blurry eyes. Thick black smoke covered the area. 

Roth rose to his feet rubbing the tears from his eyes. He need to find Sophia, the small girl his was charged with getting through the nightmare world she wandered into. As an Oneiroi working for Morpheus. His job is to protect those in the nightmare world and get them as soon as possible.

“Sophia!” He yelled her name picking his way around the debris littering the ground. Turning 360 degrees his searching the rubble, a lump of dread forming in his stomach when he failed to locate her.

“Get down!” He heard Nick seconds before the man fell on him, another orange streaking, shooting passed them.

“What the hell is going on?” Roth growled. Another blast of heat flew past his head, singeing the top of his ears. A breath brought with it a burning heat, flooding his throat and lungs as the ball of fired landed a few feet in front of his face.

A terrified scream came from in front, just passed the scorch mark on the ground. Roth belly crawled forward over glowing embers. He could hear the small explosions behind him and the screams of pain accompanying them.

Guilt are at him as he ran to rescue the child leaving his people to fend for themselves.

“Sophia!” He called nearing the small porch leading into the house. For a moment, he thought he was wrong and his heart plummeted to his stomach. Then he saw a familiar small brown face with deep brown eyes peeked out from a small hole in the side. Relief , sweet and fast surged through him.

“I'm coming.” The sound of his voice sounding rough and hoarse even...

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