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The Unforgiven (First Draft.)
by Leila Miller

An agent of the Dream World must travel to the Underworld to capture a rogue agent before they destroy the world. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Roth felt the heat of the blast as he was thrown away from the building they were passing. He could feel Sophia's small hand ripped from his as cries pain rang from behind him. 

Grasping for air, he found himself staring into the clear blue sky, he mind whirling to make sense of what just occurred.

Ringing replaced the screaming in his ears and the smell of acrid smoke filled his nose. He sat up coughing, shaking away the stars dancing in front of his eyes. Roth tried to make sense of th...

Chapter 2

Angela watched Keelie open the Gate that would send her charge back into her own dream and out of the nightmare realm. Angela watched the scene with impatience. Ready to be back at *HeadQuarters. 

It was a boring task. Since the Titan War, a truce among the Gods meant very little conflict happened in the mortal dreams. Sure they go off course every now and then and enter a nightmare realm. That’s where the Oneiroi come in. The job of the Oneiroi is to make sure mortals make it back into ...

Chapter 3

Sera sat staring at the medallion in her hand. The necklace was given to her when she passed her apprenticeship training, and became a full fledge Oneiroi. It was what created a portal to return to *headquarters from the Dream Realm. She wondered why she kept it. A get out of jail free card, maybe, she thought. Maybe. 

She couldn’t live in the Underworld without turning her soul over to Melas. That would be foolish on her part. She worked to long, hard and lost too much to get in the pos...

Chapter 4

Roth sat at his favorite table in the darkest corner in a small bar, nursing the drink in front of him he didn’t want. But he was in the mortal realm and appearances matter. The bar was one of his favorites. It was quiet, and in the few years he had been coming, there was never more than five or six people in it at a time. The perfect place for him to blend in and just be.

He was here because he needed to be around them. Their energy, their humanity, it kept him connected to them. To know why...

Chapter 5

Angela turned down the hall toward Lycargus’ office. The anger from yesterday still smoldering. All she wanted was to do her job. Technically, going into a mortals dream without permission was not smart. The worse was that she failed. Not only did she break the rules she had very little to show for it. 

The last thing she wanted to do was mentor a new Oneiroi. She wanted excitement, and adventure. None of which she would get while mentoring a new apprentice.

“Maybe mento...

Chapter 6

 Sera stood back from the window watching Angela walk away. So now she would have to move up her plans. She hadn’t planned on moving to the Underworld this soon. But that twit was playing into her hands perfectly. She was glad she followed Angela when she left Lycargus office in such a hurry she didn’t see her.

Sera watched Keelie on the other side of the glass. The girl was staring after Angela with a look of concern. She shrugged. That wasn’t her problem. She turned from th...

Chapter 7

Roth followed Lycargus down into a cave. Light from torches bounced off the wall, casting shadows along the wall. Every small hair on his body stood at attention. There was a murmuring in the air. So quiet he wasn’t sure he didn’t imagine it. It seemed to be calling him, pulling him toward deepest recess of the catacombs. 

They followed a well worn path, kicking up what little dust there was. The smell of rot and decay traveled with them as a willing companion.

“What is...

Chapter 8

“You’re sure about this?” The boatman’s ghostly garble came from deep within the dark and tattered robe.

“Yes.” Angela announced her fingers shook as she hand the boatman the sack of money.

Stepping into the boat , she grew nervous as it tipped to one side before righting itself. She scowled as the boatman’s ghostly laughter erupted. Reaching down on the dock, she reached for her bag. 

“That stays behind.” The hollow v...

Chapter 9

Sera sat across from Melas. A pleasant smile pasted on her face. The meeting wasn’t going exactly as she had plan. Melas hadn’t thrown out the welcome wagon, like she was expecting.

“So you were careless.” His voice rumbled through the room. “You are becoming a trial.” 

She didn’t let the smile fade, though all amusement had fled. She didn’t let him see how his words irritate her. She had come to far and risked too much. 


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