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from The Unforgiven (First Draft.) by Leila Miller

Chapter 6

 Sera stood back from the window watching Angela walk away. So now she would have to move up her plans. She hadn’t planned on moving to the Underworld this soon. But that twit was playing into her hands perfectly. She was glad she followed Angela when she left Lycargus office in such a hurry she didn’t see her.

Sera watched Keelie on the other side of the glass. The girl was staring after Angela with a look of concern. She shrugged. That wasn’t her problem. She turned from the window, and headed out of the room.

Her concern was getting back down to the Underworld without being seen. She did wonder how Lycargus had found her out so quickly. 

No matter, she shrugged. She headed out of the building. 

Sera stood in front of a bright burning fire. The room was no more than an illusion she knew. It was one of the conditions she made in her agreement with Melas. She wasn’t used to living in the dark caves that populated the landscape. She Melas was secretly pleased as well. She knew he liked to spend time in the mortal world. Which was odd, considering how much he hated them. ...

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