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from The Unforgiven (First Draft.) by Leila Miller

Chapter 2

Angela watched Keelie open the Gate that would send her charge back into her own dream and out of the nightmare realm. Angela watched the scene with impatience. Ready to be back at *HeadQuarters. 

It was a boring task. Since the Titan War, a truce among the Gods meant very little conflict happened in the mortal dreams. Sure they go off course every now and then and enter a nightmare realm. That’s where the Oneiroi come in. The job of the Oneiroi is to make sure mortals make it back into the dream realm. Otherwise they were stuck here, and in the mortal realm, they never wake from their slumbers. 

Keelie stood at the Gate making sure her charge went through, a frown on her face. When Keelie glanced over her shoulder at her, her blue eyes trouble, Angela knew there was a problem.

“What’s wrong?” Angela asked making her way to Keelie. 

“I’m not sure.” Keelie stared at the portal. 

Angela stared at the gate. It was a distorted vision of the last charges dream, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. 

“Looks fine to me.” Angela said with a shrug, but kept her eyes on the portal. Keelie is her best friend, and not prone to an over active imagination. 

“It’s probably nothing.” Keelie said with relief. But there was still a frown on her face.

Angela took a step closer to the opening. She squinted her eyes, a shape started to form, but it disappeared s quickly as it appeared.

“Did you see that?” Angela asked, her heart pounding in her ears. Something was there.

“No, maybe it’s a glitch?” Keelie’s tone was hopeful.

“You’ve been to the mortal realm too much, you’re picking up their slang.” Angela laughed turning toward her friend.

“Maybe a little.” Keelie grinned, a red tinged to her cheeks.

Angela was about to question her when Keelie drew in a gasp.

“There!” Keelie shouted, pointing a slim finger. 

“What’s happening?” An...

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