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from The Unforgiven (First Draft.) by Leila Miller

Chapter 3

Sera sat staring at the medallion in her hand. The necklace was given to her when she passed her apprenticeship training, and became a full fledge Oneiroi. It was what created a portal to return to *headquarters from the Dream Realm. She wondered why she kept it. A get out of jail free card, maybe, she thought. Maybe. 

She couldn’t live in the Underworld without turning her soul over to Melas. That would be foolish on her part. She worked to long, hard and lost too much to get in the position to make a move against Morpheus. Melas was her tool. She knew he had his own agenda and he was using her as much as she was using him. 

She lifted the glass of wine from the table next to her, in a silent toast before taking a sip. She had no qualms about what she was about to do. 

“Mistress?” Exen called out from the doorway. She didn’t bother to turn toward him. Her attraction with him ebbed. She thought about replacing him, but he followed orders well, that was enough for now. Maybe when she wasn’t using so much energy on the work at hand, then she might find a replacement.

“What is it?” She demanded. Setting her glass back down. 

“They have returned.” Exen entered the room, pulling a small group with him. She eyed the group with suspicion, apprehension beginning to grow. Exen pushed them to the ground in front of her. 

Sera stood, smoothing out the creases of her gown. She hoped she didn’t look as nervous as she felt. Letting go of her true self was new to her. After spending decades in the Oneiroi hiding behind a facade, being careful to stay within the limits of Morpheus rules, it wasn’t easy to drop that leash.

But she was learning, and with the power Melas gave her, she was finding her way. Viciously.

"Where is she?" Sera stared down at the two men and one woman on the floor at her feet.

"The child got away, Master." The female spoke into the floor, but her eyes peeked up, using her hair as a shield. "These fools ran as soon as the healers appeared." The womans eyes glowed in disgust. Sera studied her, she was a short woman barely five foot. Her eyes were missing the glow she was used to seeing in the mortals and Oneiroi. So her soul was already taken. Too bad, she thought with a sigh. She would have enjoyed having this one.

"Indeed?" Sera stared down in distaste. She watched them with some amusement. She enjoyed their fear, bathed in the splendor. It was powerful, she thought, holding the...

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