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About me

UK Self-published author of on-going 'Dragon's Reclaim' series. Detective Thriller Edgehaven is my latest self-published work.

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Steven Smith   (Tier IV Potential Star Author )


Young Adult
Gator Girl: Episode One
by Steven Smith

A dark comic-book hero style novel. A young girls world begins to spiral out of control, and a web of lies is soon uncovered. "Sounds interesting!"


My name is Melanie Wilson. I have always been a good swimmer. Actually that is a lie, as far back as I can remember I have been an excellent swimmer. My father tells me that there were times when I was younger that I was awful at swimming. Funny thing is, I don't re...

Assassinato Selva: (Murder Jungle)
by Steven Smith

Four friends go on a mystery sight-seeing holiday, they take a dreadful twist through a vast South American jungle, a jungle which it is soon apparent has far too many secrets. "Sounds interesting!"


It was late in the night, 1.50am to be precise. A woman sat in the darkness of her apartment living room, her legs resting up on the settee, her back against two large cushions. A white laptop resting upon her thighs was the only real source of light, the subtle lig...

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