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from Growing Up Girls by Deanna Greenway

Copyright © 2020–2021 Deanna G Thoma

Chapter 1

Mama hung up the phone and called my name, “Sara?”

At 10 years old, I come running when mama calls my name. As the middle child, I have a bossy older sister and a whiny six-year-old sister. Despite my efforts to keep everyone happy, it rarely works out. I ran into the living room so fast; I felt my feet slipping on the freshly waxed hardwood floors. Pushing dark bangs out of my face, I answered, “Yes, Mama?”

“Your Aunt Meg asked us to come for a visit. She wants you to spend a few days with them this summer.” When Mama said that, I couldn’t believe what I heard! “Yes, yes, yes!” I shouted with an enormous smile plastered across my face. Aunt Meg’s daughter, Ann, was my favorite cousin in the entire world. She was just a year younger than me and we always had tons of fun.

 “Calm down!” Mama snapped and instantly my shoulders dropped. My job was to help Mama keep up with my younger sister. Suddenly I worried that maybe I shouldn’t go at all. “Maybe I should just stay home,” I questioned hesitantly.

“I swear girl. I just do not know wha...

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