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After suffering years of physical abuse from my ex-husband, I decided I had had enough! I joined the Army in 1977 and never looked back. Serving 22 years during the Cold War as a single parent, I retired in Germany and am a Permanently Disabled Veteran.

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CORA ANN     (Tier II Newcomer Author )

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SERVING IN THE ARMY DURING THE COLD WAR: A roller coaster ride of 22 years on a wing and a prayer.

I was born in New Orleans, La. I joined the Army in 1977. I arrived in Heidelberg, Germany in 1979 as a single parent with two small daughters. After many tours in Germany during the Cold War, I retired here after 22 years in the Army. As a Permanently Disabled Veteran, I enjoy writing about my experiences, adventures, and meeting new people. A big plus for me is learning about different cultures while traveling. I kept a journal and have written several hundred stories and articles over the past 25 years. ChapterBuzz has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and start my first book. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 44
Attack of the Gumbo Shrimp

Throughout my Army career, men always outnumbered me in my professional specialty of military intelligence. My job often had its ups and downs, and presented me with many challenge. But I gained the respect of the men after showing them in no uncertain terms that I could always hold my own. Here's one wonderful true story about working with the opposite sex that always puts a smile on my face.

When I retired after 22 years of service, I wanted to continue working in security and intelligence. I was...

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