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Our Top Authors

Authors who have earned the most Fame Points. How do I earn Fame Points?

TS Ellisworth

Technical writer; now writes fiction. 'Marti' is a humorous tale of two very young lovers; and 'The Runaway' is a story about a young woman who may or may not be able to overcome the abuse she suffered in the hands of church elder... More

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Ruth Virgo

I'm the moody teenager you are always complaining about excpet I don't really fit the ster... More

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Cynthia A. Jensen

If I could just get past the first page, i think I might actually become an author!

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4.Dacia M Arnold5.Icy Goddess6.Green Flash

7.Leah Lindeman8.Jack Wolfe Frost9.Sara Hanson

10.Godwin Goddard11.Shirley Holder Platt12.Kaitlyn Abdou

13.Chris Wood14.Liberty Henwick15.rahul

16.Nick Edinger17.LS Richards18.Lewis Jensen

19.Lazarus Thompson20.Aleta Kay21.Kat Frost

22.Rebecca Onkar23.Megan Baughman24.Alayna-Renee Vilmont

25.Tara L. Herweg26.Mary Judge-Hubard27.Melanie Pimentel Toth

28.Sibille Rose29.Elizabeth Courtright30.N.E. Yeomans

31.Tabitha Bennedict-Downes32.Nada Shahin33.Kasey Hill

34.NooryaK35.Nina Light36.Katrena Turner

37.Ivette Martinez38.Linda James39.Sterling T. Rose

40.Barry B. Wright41.Tiffany S. Doran42.Bexx Matthews

43.Frank Parker44.Davin Rae45.Patricia Robin Woodruff

46.Jenny Young47.Leila Miller48.Robert Albert

49.Steve Boseley50.Arline Chase51.Devon Mclaughlin

52.Wendy Ogilvie53.Sheila M. Good54.Sheri Levenstein

55.Jina Bazzar56.Laurie Stewart57.Deidra Holcomb

58.Cori Laraway59.Fiona Una60.Scruffy Nerf Herder

61.R. E. Ashling62.Anthony Poindexter63.BobM

64.Janice Collins65.Jorgie Dewitt66.MillerMi

67.carol68.Esther Ndovie69.Mark Rippon

70.Sharron Grodzinsky71.Anton Styles72.Ana Paula Corradini

73.Genia Jones74.Dawn Edwards75.Sb Stringer

76.Rob Kutsukake77.Evelyn Frederick Moll78.Rachid Choaibi

79.Stevie Turner80.PMColtrane81.S Virgo

82.Joe Jenney83.Deborah Ann Dykeman84.Kayla Brown

85.Blue Puppup86.C Sparrow87.Melissa Jensen

88.Ashley Fae89.David Cantrell90.Margie Deeb

91.Merry Clingen92.Kyria Clayton93.John MK Risko

94.Kathleen Rothenberger95.Zoe Smith96.naloma

97.Hazel Reid98.Olivia Grant99.S Forms

100.Trudi Hauxwell101.Indigo Tempest102.Kenya Howard

103.Christian Duell104.Marie Andrews105.Sherman Dye

106.Aaqeelah Floris107.Julia Higginbottom108.Bonnie Dale Keck

109.Kolozeg12 Cvetkovich110.Anthony Poindexter111.Amir Kamali

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