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Our Top Authors

Authors who have earned the most Fame Points. How do I earn Fame Points?

Tiffany S. Doran

Hello! My name is Tiffany. I am a wife, a mother and a hopeless romantic in love with the wondrous w... More

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Dacia M Arnold

Dacia Arnold is an author and a mom, but that is only scratching the surface. She is also an avid ka... More

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Lazarus Thompson

I've been writing since high school. I started out in the Army but wound up as a teacher with... More

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4.Kat Frost5.Shirley Holder Platt6.Barry B. Wright

7.Liberty Henwick8.Aleta Kay9.Fiona Una

10.Sibille Rose11.Ruth Virgo12.Mary Judge-Hubard

13.Steve Boseley14.Rebecca Onkar15.Bexx Matthews

16.Arline Chase17.Nick Edinger18.Jenny Young

19.Chris Wood20.Cynthia A. Jensen21.Sheila M. Good

22.Patricia Robin Woodruff23.Nada Shahin24.Elizabeth Courtright

25.Leila Miller26.Scruffy Nerf Herder27.Deidra Holcomb

28.Sterling T. Rose29.Sheri Levenstein30.R. E. Ashling

31.Jina Bazzar32.Jorgie Dewitt33.BobM

34.MillerMi35.carol36.Janice Collins

37.Anthony Poindexter38.Frank Parker39.Cori Laraway

40.Robert Albert41.Tabitha Bennedict-Downes42.Rob Kutsukake

43.Anton Styles44.Deborah Ann Dykeman45.Wendy Ogilvie

46.N.E. Yeomans47.Kasey Hill48.Megan Baughman

49.Devon Mclaughlin50.Tara L. Herweg51.NooryaK

52.Margie Deeb53.Evelyn Frederick Moll54.Zoe Smith

55.Sharron Grodzinsky56.Dawn Edwards57.Olivia Grant

58.naloma59.Merry Clingen60.Bonnie Dale Keck

61.Sherman Dye62.Ana Paula Corradini63.Marie Andrews

64.Kenya Howard65.Julia Higginbottom

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