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About me

Jack Wolfe Frost is the Eternal Rebel; he rebels against everything which may have the word “rules” or “behave” within it, whether explicit or implicit.

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Just a dead cow: Short true fiction
by Jack Wolfe Frost

A cow dies and what happens next ... This is a true story and I am the narrator...

Just a dead cow
Flash Fiction

Just a dead cow.


Noon. The cow was overdue in pregnancy and becoming sick, so the farmer, my friend, called the Vet. The situation was serious, apparently the calf had died in utero and was starting to decompose, causing sepsis in the mother.


Going Home: Flash Fiction
by Jack Wolfe Frost

An old man returns to his roots...

Going Home
Flash Fiction

The train rumbles on as I stare blankly at the scenery passing before me. The train has always run along this route. Years ago it would puff great plumes of steam as it trundled along to its destination. Now, the hum of the diesel engine and it’...

Keep taking the pills...: Poem
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Overuse of doctors just giving pills

Keep taking the pills

Take this pill my doctor says, it will make you feel alright,

Really? It’s that simple? Only a pill to end my plight?

He assures me it is so, and expert he must be,

Certificates on the wall, displayed that I may see.



Imagine: A short story
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Hades, who in this story is real, attempts to set matters right with other religions. It's humour, so I hope no-one is offended, I am a Christian myself.

Chapter 1




St. Peter had now been in his usual spot at the Pearly Gates for five minutes since processing the last soul. Now, not a soul in sight. Odd, he thought. I don’t think I’ve ever know...

Dark Biker: a wip for feedback pls
by Jack Wolfe Frost

A Hell's Angel that keeps dying...


Brad fired up his Harley and felt that deep satisfaction between his legs. Dawn. Head west. He had no idea where he was headed after that. Away from this God-damn town. I've had enough. That was good enough reason. He lived by his bike, and if needed would ...

Fri 13th: (Short story)
by Jack Wolfe Frost

A midnight graveyard shortcut gives Jim and Mary more than they bargained for...

Fri 13th

“We’ll go through the graveyard, it’s quicker.”

“You’re joking right? It’s almost midnight Mary.”

“Oh, is poor Jim scared of little ghosties?”

“Don’t be daft, I just… we...

by Jack Wolfe Frost



Was I born such a rebel? Probably not,

But exposure many times to societies rot,

Caned at age 10, for nothing doing wrong,

Something inside stirred, daring to be strong.


I saw the cracks appear in ‘normal’ life,

The Owl Mug
by Jack Wolfe Frost

An Owl mug. Flash fiction in two parts

Chapter 1
The Owl Act I

I hate it. Plain, white and featureless, with just a hint of an owl. It’s a mug – a giant teacup. And I hate it. ‘She’ owns three owl mugs; two I like – though not this one. It’s big and fat; it must of gr...

Grim: A Short Story (3800 words)
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Humour. Grim stuff, you know... It's humour. If it doesn't make you laugh, I want my money back.


Grim sat with his feet on his desk, reading the obituaries--making tick-marks on a sheet at his side-table, a boring but necessary task. “Brad Jones?” he said to no-one. “Who the hell is that?” That name wasn't on his checklist. Damn. Tha...

Hawk (working title)
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Fantasy story about a Prince - Hawk - who loses that which he loves most, and in an adventure to recapture it, finds himself placed with a task of destroying his own royal heritage.

Chapter 1: The Beginning
a wip for feedback pls

Chapter One: The Beginning


Prince Hawk felt everyone’s eyes turned on him, and he but a dumb fool, as the Ancient knelt before him, offering the sword. A million thoughts streaked through his brain threatening to overwhelm him.

The ...

Little boxes: (small minds)
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Find out and see!

Little Boxes

I see the rows of places, where normal people live,

Stacked in neat little boxes, are they some kind of gift?

They look so good and tidy, I must have one to fit my mind,

But though I try my hardest, one my size I cannot find.



by Jack Wolfe Frost

A small abused girl is mysteriously transported to an alternate dimensions where she is taught her true powers, and how to overcome her abuse back in "reality"

(Short story)

 Already in the cellar, Llana heard the door slam shut. She crawled by her nails and bloodied fingers, deeper into a dark corner, and curled up in a ball. She knew by the slam of the door, he was drunk and angry again, but the old broken boxes around her would perhaps offer some protection. ...

Silent Killer
by Jack Wolfe Frost

A by-product of man's tampering with the elements creates a Silent Killer--not a virus, not apocalyptic. Yet. Unless the as yet unwitting Steele Brooks can figure out what is happening and why are people just--vanishing.

Chapter 1

Mist slowly encircled the campsite and crept around each tent, slowly rising until it covered the tents. Morning came later, and the mist dispersed as the sun rose. Where before campers were sleeping, the land sparkled with dewdrops. Not a trace remai...


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