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Hawk (working title)
by Jack Wolfe Frost

Fantasy story about a Prince - Hawk - who loses that which he loves most, and in an adventure to recapture it, finds himself placed with a task of destroying his own royal heritage. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1: The Beginning
a wip for feedback pls

Chapter One: The Beginning


Prince Hawk felt everyone’s eyes turned on him, and he but a dumb fool, as the Ancient knelt before him, offering the sword. A million thoughts streaked through his brain threatening to overwhelm him.

The Ancient had appeared – unexpected – at the outside celebration of his fourteenth birthday – manhood – and Hawk knew not what to do. What was royal protocol? The Ancients had not been seen ...

Chapter 2
The End

Hawk scrambled up a small bank and hid behind a tree, panting and exhausted. He wondered why Aamon had created this twisted forest to play out the battle. Why not simply slaughter his men on the open plains? But who knows how a demon’s mind works? Twisted, he guessed. And twisted, tortured, and deadly this forest had proven to be.

Seeker, his sword, fed him energy, replenishing his strength. He took a few more deep breaths, and once more re-joined the madness. The acri...

Chapter 3
The Aftermath

Angus, being thrown by the blast into the mass, could not believe his ears as he regained consciousness. Silence. Almost. Was that birdsong he could hear? Pulling himself from the forest floor, he only saw - forest. Huge ferns, small wild flowers in bloom, mossy trees. A fresh, earthy aroma. The bubbling of a nearby stream. There was no sign of any Orc, dead or alive. No Blood. No stray heads. No foul stench. The forest looked vital and healthy, not flattened and covered with the dead, black-blood soaked...

Chapter 4
Victory March?


As they exited the forest, they were amazed to see their horses, untouched. Hawk’s horse, Quicksilver, sported the King’s battle standard.

“Magic indeed,” said Hawk, “and at least we march home with flag.”

They were only half a day’s march from the castle, heart of the Kingdom, so they would arrive well before nightfall. The village runners would speed ahead when they saw them, so the King would be informed, and possibly they may have to ...

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