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from Hawk (working title) by Jack Wolfe Frost

Chapter 1: The Beginning
a wip for feedback pls

Chapter One: The Beginning


Prince Hawk felt everyone’s eyes turned on him, and he but a dumb fool, as the Ancient knelt before him, offering the sword. A million thoughts streaked through his brain threatening to overwhelm him.

The Ancient had appeared – unexpected – at the outside celebration of his fourteenth birthday – manhood – and Hawk knew not what to do. What was royal protocol? The Ancients had not been seen in many lifetimes, and thought long dead and gone. Where they above his royal station, equals, or below. He felt as if minutes passed while he stood like a fool, though it was only a few seconds. He looked to his father, The King. Expressionless as usual. To Angus, Battlemaster and friend, who appeared eyes wide and mouth dropped open. No clues from those two.

Hawk decided to kneel on one knee, as the Ancient did, to take the sword. After all, they were now the stuff of legends, yet one was before him, offering the sword.

A chill ran down his back as he reached for the gift, yet touching the hilt, he felt warmth. He wrapped his hand around the hilt and was flooded with a thousand emotions, as some kind of energy ran up his arm and fired all his senses. He thought to pull his hand back but knew that would not be fitting for a prince.

“I am deeply hono...

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