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from Just a dead cow by Jack Wolfe Frost

Just a dead cow
Flash Fiction

Just a dead cow.


Noon. The cow was overdue in pregnancy and becoming sick, so the farmer, my friend, called the Vet. The situation was serious, apparently the calf had died in utero and was starting to decompose, causing sepsis in the mother.

In a heart wrenching hour long ordeal, between the three of us, we managed to get the calf out, and the Vet gave the mother a huge dose of strong antibiotics. Mentally traumatic for myself, I shudder to think what the cow had gone through. We left her resting in the barn.

She did not appear at late afternoon feed, but on checking she had left the barn and was resting in the field. On sight, she seemed a little better.

Early evening, the farmer had retired for the night, and I thought I would walk down in the dark, to see how she fared. I found her, slumped over a rock....

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