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from Fri 13th by Jack Wolfe Frost

Fri 13th

“We’ll go through the graveyard, it’s quicker.”

“You’re joking right? It’s almost midnight Mary.”

“Oh, is poor Jim scared of little ghosties?”

“Don’t be daft, I just… well… um…”

“You’re scared.”

“Okay, but if anything happens, it’s your fault.”

Mary laughed and walked through the ornate archway and onto the path through the graveyard. Reluctantly, Jim followed, casting his eyes left and right, though the path leading upwards to the church was just surrounded by more recent neat graves. They didn’t worry him much, but what did, was what he knew surrounded the path behind the church, leading back to a street-lit road. He’d once gone that way in the daylight, and it scared him them. He had never gone in there after, until now. Now dark, nearly midnight, and crowned by the fact it was Friday the thirteenth.

“Get a move on Jim, this won’t be a shortcut if you don’t shift yer ass.”

Jim decided that was a good idea, and rapidly caught up with Mary, and passed her. He didn’t want to hang around here now.

“Hey, it’s not a race. What’s up with you?”

“Okay, I am scared. Can we get through this place as quick as possible please.” Mary muttered something that Jim didn’t catch as he was now ten paces ahead. Jim reached the church first, and moved into the doorway, a...

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