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About me

I'm 60 years old and just getting started' I have attened Long Ridge Writer's Group "Breaking Into Print." I want to have a long time desire answred and that is Writing something and getting it published.

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Anthony Poindexter (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Thoughts down memory lane: The Toothache
by Anthony Poindexter

This is one of the adventures of Wilbur, a farmer from North Carolina. Wilbur's old school and doesn't have much to do with public activities. But when he does it's a hoot.

Chapter 1
The Toothache




Autobiographical Fiction
Thought's Thru Time: Days of Embarassment
by Anthony Poindexter

It's about a young man who wants the world to know what he went through growing up. The abuse and everything else.

Chapter 2
Caught In-Between


   “The victimization of children is nowhere forbidden; What is forbidden is to 

write about it.”   Alice Miller 

   Reliving the memories of my past is the hardest things I can do. Believing that is ...


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