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from Thoughts down memory lane by Anthony Poindexter

Chapter 1
The Toothache




    Back in simpler times, when the plush fields of Tobacco stretched farther than the eye can see, there lived a farmer named Wilbur Kidd. Wilbur was a 4th generation farmer and had been since he was, knee high to a corn stalk. On the down side of 50 he is still a sprite and hardy man who is up at the crack of dawn and works till the sun goes down. Thinking of this, his wife Lenny was puzzled why Wilbur wasn’t at the table so she hollard out, “You staying in bed all day or what?” stumbling from his room, a hand to his jaw he answered back see” I might as well seeing there isn’t any work getting done with me like this.” With that he removed his hand from his face and Lenny almost dropped the coffee pot. Trying to stay cool she says, “You double chewing or what?” With that she giggles and points to the table. Getting him settled, she got a pot of water and placed it on the old wood stove. That done she placed a couple of rags in the pot to get them hot and got Wilbur a cup of coffee. Wilbur looks at Lenny and says, “Ma, what we going to do.” While thinking about what he said, she got one of the rags and placed it on his face. Getting herself a cup of coffee, she sits down across from him and softly says, “you know this means a trip to town.” “Ma you know I hate going to town.” “Don’t matter none you got it to do.” getting up from table she tells him, “now get in there and change your clothes and for god’s sake, wash behind your ears!” With that he got up and headed to his room (Lenny and Wilbur sleep in different rooms. Why, you ask? Lenny snores).  

    Forty-five minutes later Wilbur walks into the kitchen dressed in his clean set of overalls and even had his hair slicked back. Reaching over the stove, Wilbur grabs the rusty coffee can and takes out a roll of money. “How much should I take, Ma,” he asks. “Take it all and call me when your done.” With that he stuffs the bills into a pocket and checks his 22, placing it in his back pocket he grabs his hat, gives Lenny a peck on the cheek, puts his hat on and walks out into the Carolina heat.

    It’s a five mile walk to town, giving you plenty of time to do some thinking. The first thing that came to his mind is the reason he hates to go to town. It happened two or three years ago, maybe more. His old tractor had broken down and this time for good. With his mind set, Wilbur started for Ring Tone Springs.

    It was a hot dusty walk to town and highly unlikely anyone would come by and offer a ride, so wiping his brow he walks on. He gets to the edge of town and heads for the Tractor Store. Walking around and looking at each tractor, he puts them in order and studies each and one. After a couple of hours, he goes to the office, walking in he shakes the salesman’s hand and says, “I’ll take the John Deere.” With a huge smile the salesman gets the paper work going. Asking Wilbur a few questions along the way he gets everything signed. Turning back to Wilbur he tells him it’ll be ready in an hour or so giving him the option of where to hang around at. Wilbur decides to head to the Lazy K for a drink.

    Having a good time for a change Wilbur stands at the bar and watch’s everything happening around him. He drank a couple of shots and was getting ready to leave when one of his neighbors walks in. Wilbur smiled as Claude walked over sticking his hand out for a shake. “It’s been a while old friend” he say’s and knocks back his drink. Wilbur shakes his head and orders another drink while Claude walks around the bar saying hi to various people.

    Normally after a couple of drinks Wilbur would head home but not today, he stayed around. Claude made his way back over to where Wilbur stood, staggering a little. “Careful there Claude” he says checking the wad he was holding, “hay buddy you remember that loan you got from me a while back.” Not saying a word Claude drank his drink and turned back to Wilbur and says, “You trying...

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