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Hazel is a stay at home mom of 3 living in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been writing Fanfics since 2010, but now is excited to write books for others to enjoy! She follows the Norse Religious beliefs, and loves Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and paranormal books!

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Hazel Spectre     (Tier II Rising Star Author )

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Once Upon A Snowflake: Once Upon Astixus Book 1
by Hazel Spectre

Eira Sullivan, a professional Ballerina, has been running from her ex-fiance for two years, and now she's hiding out in her best friend's apartment until he leaves her alone. That is, until a random gift Amara finds in a Vintage shop transports them both to a world called Astixus, full of magic, Fae, and kings with too big egos. (18+) This is a High Fantasy Enemies to Friends to Lovers, with Arranged Marriage and Dimension Travel. Trigger warnings will be included if necessary. "Sounds interesting!"

Names and Pronunciations for Book 1

Names and Pronunciations of Characters in the world of Astixus

Note: This page will be in each book, and will contain all names of places and people in the book (Will update as first draft continues)


Eadeorial - Aye-dare-iel

Fenix - Phoenix

Lorcanus - Lore-cane-us

Cravash - Cruh-vash

Crane - Crayne

Book 1 Characters:

Eira - Eye-ruh

Syris - Cyrus

Alayya Vorenehs - Uh-laya Vore-eniz


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